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Misting is a great way to keep livestock cool during the dreadful summer months. Our outdoor misting fans and portable misting equipment are great for the animals in the barn or the pets on the patio. When high temperatures and humidity combine, your animals often retain heat faster than they can get rid of it. Most animals are more adept at keeping themselves warm than cooling themselves off. This makes them extremely susceptible to dehydration, hypothermia, and muscle weakness. That is why you need our outdoor misting system! Our Aqua Breeze™ outdoor misting fan uses atomized water droplets to "flash cool" the hot, stale air in your barn or shed. Therefore, it doesn't just move the hot air around, it cools and conditions it.

Our misting equipment uses standard garden hose water connection for easy hook up, and its oversized pneumatic wheels allow for easy transport over uneven terrain. Additionally, the vane tube-axial oscillating fan is capable of 4 different pin adjustments for specific cooling needs, and the filtration system and a water conditioning module will resist buildup of scale and lime deposits. Our outdoor livestock misting fans are the convenient and complete cooling solution. Just as your want to protect your family member in the torturous summer months, don't put your animals' health in danger, either. When you want your pets and livestock ready for work and play the whole year round, turn to Advanced Misting. Our outdoor misting fans and portable patio equipment will solve all your misting needs. For more information on our top quality outdoor misting products, contact Advanced Misting Systems today.

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