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Stainless Steel Low Pressure 4-Nozzle Mist Kit

Stainless Steel Low Pressure 4-Nozzle Mist Kit
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When air exchange and velocity cooling is not enough to keep your people, plants or animals healthy, a J&D Manufacturing misting system is the way to go. Our four way and six way stainless steel crosses come completely assembled with gray nozzles, a 6' hose and female hose connector. The mist rings can be easily attached with a tie wrap to any recirculating fan guard. The strong and corrosion resistant stainless cross keeps the nozzle perpendicular to the air stream of the fan (unlike poly rings where nozzles twist and sometimes form water droplets back together). The 50 micron water droplets coming out of the nozzles create a mist pattern approximately four feet long. When the water droplet evaporates, latent heat is taken from the air. The lower the humidity is in the air, the greater the window of opportunity is to cool your building down. You must provide a zone in front of the fan 6' long x 5' wide where no solid objects will block the mist. This is important to allow the water droplets time to evaporate before reforming on a solid surface. A properly designed J&D Manufacturing misting system can drop the ambient temperature up to 20F in low humidity.

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