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Diamond Brite? Portable Drum Fan

Diamond Brite? Portable Drum Fan
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Hight Output Performance & High Efficency Air Circulators
Who said you couldn?t make a fan attractive without sacrificing price and performance. Once again J&D Manufacturing, the World Leader in designing recirculation fans, has created a high performance series of portable drum fans that are just, what can we say ?Good Looking.?
When it comes to transferring electrical energy efficiently into air energy for cooling, air recirculation or air movement, J&D Manufacturing is the world leader.
J&D Manufacturing re-circulation fans when applied properly can be used in the following applications:

* Air de-stratification can help reduce heating and cooling bills by up to 25%
* Air exchange when placed in a wall opening or in open sidewall buildings
* Consistent air temperature throughout a room or building
* Heat stress relief indoors and outdoors for young and old
* Surface drying (including animal bedding)
* People and animal cooling
* Machine/compressor cooling
* High velocity air cooling
* Insect control
* Air curtains


* J&D Manfacturing?s Best Performing Drum Fan
* Rubber stabilization feet
* Balanced high?output fan blade
* Unit comes completely assembled
* Two poly handles for easy moving or carrying
* Complete 10' cord set with switch and cord wrap
* 8" Hard poly wheels on models 30? and larger
* Heavy gauge corrosion resistant, powder coated wire fan guards meet OSHA requirements
* Heavy duty Aluminum Diamond Brite? (Patent, Pat.No. Des. 485,610 and 489,808) housings
* Totally enclosed (except 42? model), maintenance free, high efficiency motors have completely sealed ball bearings, UL and ULC certification, built in automatic thermal overload protection, covered by a Full Two Year Warranty.
* Almost all J&D Manufacturing re-circulation fans can be used with our misting/fogging product line

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