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High Pressure Misting System (1000 psi)

High Pressure Misting System (1000 psi)
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Benefits of Scale X Filter:
The Scale X filter effectively inhibits the formation of calcium-carbonate scale to keep your nozzles cleaner longer. Add a Scale X filter to your pump; minimize nozzle maintenance; enjoy your misting system hassle free.

Benefits of Low Pressure Switch:
The low pressure switch protects your 1000 psi pump from damage if the water supply is accidentally turned off. The switch prevents the pump from turning on which saves the pump from over-heating and damaging the internal seals.

A high pressure misting system (1000psi) from Advanced Misting Systems can reduce the temperature of your outdoor area by 30 degrees! The biggest advantage a high pressure misting system has over a low (150psi) or mid (300psi) pressure system is that the 1000psi pump produces a water droplet that is much smaller, a smaller water droplet means the evaporation is quicker, and this equals a lower temperature drop!

Our high pressure misting systems are premium quality and include all the parts and fittings needed for installation (see full parts lists below). Our 1000 psi misting kits are designed for easy installation, the average DIYer should have no problems with installation.


A big advantage of buying from Advanced Misting Systems is our experience, owner Mike has 20+ years experience with misting systems - if you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at 760-779-1352. The steps listed below should be enough information for you to make the necessary choices to configure and purchase your high pressure misting system.


Nylon Tubing: This is the most cost effective option and the easiest to work with. We recommend nylon for the novice DIYer. It’s more forgiving, easy to cut and maneuver around bends. Nylon will last 10+ years when maintained properly.

Copper Tubing: Copper tubing cost around 3% more than nylon. It has a more modern and visually appealing aesthetic. Our copper 1000 psi misting kits can be a little more challenging to install compared to nylon. A DIYer with a moderate level of experience should have no problems. Copper will last 10+ years when maintained properly.

Stainless Steel Tubing: Stainless cost around 10% more than nylon, it is the highest quality option. Our stainless steel high pressure misting systems can be more challenging to install, however it should be easily achievable by the moderate DIYer. Our stainless steel misting systems can last 25+ years when maintained properly. Our stainless misting kits also have powder coating color options (more info on colors below).


Direct Drive: This pump is the most cost-effective, and it gets the job done for just about every application.

Enclosed Direct Drive: This is the same pump as the Direct Drive in an enclosing. This offers more protection and is quieter.

Pulley: This misting pump is high quality and very quiet.


Measure the outside perimeter of the area you want to cool with a misting system. And then measure the distance from the area you want to cool, to your water/electrical source. Take the outside perimeter measurement and add the measurement to your water/electrical source, and then add roughly 10% for good measure - this total would be the length you will need to select.


The powder coating color options are available for stainless steel only. There are 5 powder coated color options: Almond (off-white), Caramel (light brown), Cafe (medium brown) and Rust (dark brown/red).

Stainless Misting System Almond Color Misting System Caramel Color Misting System Cafe Color Misting System Rust Color Misting System

The color options are an additional cost - when you choose from the Stainless Color option above, the price will automatically be adjusted.


All of our high pressure misting kits come with a 1000 psi misting pump of your choice (Direct Drive, Enclosed Direct Drive or Pulley), 50 feet of nylon manifold line, 3 elbows and 1 anchor kit. All other parts will depend on the length and tubing type, see below for specific parts list for our nylon, copper and stainless tubing kits.

Nylon Tube Misting Systems - Parts List
Length Nylon Sections Mist Nozzles Unions End Plugs Tees Clamps
30 14 15 15 2 1 25
40 19 20 15 2 1 30
50 24 25 15 2 1 35
60 29 30 15 2 1 40
70 34 35 15 2 1 45
80 39 40 15 2 1 50
90 44 45 15 2 1 55


Copper Tube Misting Kits - Parts List
Length 6ft Copper Mist Nozzles Brass Unions Brass End Caps 6ft Blank Tube Clamps
30 5 Sections 15 8 1 3 25
36 6 Sections 18 9 1 3 30
42 7 Sections 21 10 1 3 35
48 8 Sections 24 11 1 3 40
54 9 Sections 27 12 1 3 45
60 10 Sections 30 13 1 3 50
72 11 Sections 36 14 1 3 55
84 12 Sections 42 15 1 3 60


Stainless Steel Tube Misting Kits - Parts List
Length 10ft Stainless Tube Mist Nozzles Brass Unions Brass End Caps 10ft Blank Tube Clamps
20 2 Sections 10 2 1 1 25
30 3 Sections 15 3 1 1 30
40 4 Sections 20 4 1 1 35
50 5 Sections 25 5 1 1 40
60 6 Sections 30 6 1 1 45
70 7 Sections 35 7 1 1 50
80 8 Sections 40 8 1 1 55
90 9 Sections 45 9 1 1 60

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