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Commercial Misting Systems

Our commercial misting fans, patio misters and cooling fans help keep your business cool and comfortable

When it comes to commercial misting systems, you won’t find a better evaporative cooling solution than the misters and cooling fans from Advanced Misting Systems. Our commercial patio misters and cooling fans are top-quality systems designed to keep your customers cool and comfortable even in the hottest weather.

Many restaurants utilize commercial misting fans to keep patrons cool during the warm seasons. Even when the temperature rises above 100 degrees, your guests can still be seated outside with our commercial patio misters and enjoy their visit to your establishment. Our misters are capable of cooling any area by up to 30°F. Our commercial misters consist of a 1,000-psi pump system that creates flash-evaporation without any residual moisture for an anti-drip misting system everyone can appreciate. Let your guests enjoy the summer sunshine comfortably with our commercial patio misting systems.

Our powerful commercial misters can produce up to six tons of evaporative cooling mist per fan. The high-pressure pumps supply a fine mist in front of the fans, quickly absorbing heat to provide cooled, comfortable air. With the use of stainless steel tubing paired with fog and mist nozzles and our state-of-the-art pump modules, we are able to create an extremely fine mist that drastically cools the air without leaving the area feeling damp or humid. Our high quality commercial cooling fans are well suited to a variety of uses, such as:

For even more custom cooling options, we also carry low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings, as well as other commercial mister supplies and accessories. The outdoor cooling opportunities are endless for your guests with evaporative cooling misters from Advanced Misting Systems. If you are interested in providing your customers great service in the sunshine with our commercial outdoor misting systems or commercial misting fans, call us at (760) 779-1352 or contact us online today and get FREE shipping on orders over $100!

Commercial Misting Systems
Commercial Misting Systems


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