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Portable Misting Fans

Create cool zones at your next outdoor event or for rehab stations in triple digit heat. Shop full line of portable misting fans & misting systems with our lowest price guarantee.

If you are looking for the perfect answer for temperature control, try portable misting fans and cooling stations. Portable misters help provide cooler temperatures for your patio or outdoor event at a fraction of the cost of conventional air conditioning options.

Setting up portable misting systems or fans has never been easier! When circulation fans and misting systems are on wheels, you can control the direction of mist and breeze to provide relief where you need it. Many of our products are built for portable use and require only a common 120V electric circuit to use the standard heavy duty power cord that comes with each purchase, though you can also opt for a 240V system. All our portable misting fans allow you to use a standard garden hose connection for easy hookup.

For use on uneven ground, we also have options with oversized pneumatic wheels for easy transport over uneven terrain. We even have misting fans mounted on heavy-duty trailers for misting in remote areas for fire rehab, concerts and tailgating parties.

When you buy from Advanced Misting System, you automatically get these benefits:

  • High pressure stainless steel misting ring with replaceable atomizing nozzles
  • State of the art aerodynamic shroud design on select models
  • Vane tube-axial oscillating fan capable of four different pin adjustments for specific cooling needs on many models
  • Filtration system and a water conditioning module to resist lime scale buildup and deposits
  • High-quality stainless steel finish

The experienced professionals at Advanced Misting Systems know you may have questions regarding our mobile cooling systems, and we are here to answer them all. Call us today at (760) 779-1352. We will guide you through the selection process so that the product you decide on is the perfect one for your needs and budget.


Fan Retro Fit Kits, Makes your fan a misting fan. Click and See pricing and size.
Mist Rings Only
18" Self contained power mister - Fan and Pump Lip only
PM18S - 18" Self contained power mister - Hand Carry Model
18" Self contained power mister - CART
Compact Air Chiller Fans
Air Chiller Oscillating Compact Portable Misting Fan | Fan Sizes 24ā€ or 30"
Air Chiller Industrial Portable Misting Fan | Fan Sizes 24", 30" or two 24"
Air Chiller Portable FD-24 Fold Down FAN 18 gallon Fan unit
The Safety Chiller Explosion proof
Cool Caddie-Self Contained Portable 1000 PSI Misting Fan
Mobile One Portable Misting Fan System
Market price: $2300.00 save 9%
Mobile One Satellite Fan - High Output Portable Misting Fan
Portable Cooling Low pressure Non Oscillating Misting Fan24"
Portable Cooling Low pressure Oscillating Misting Fan 24"
Portable Cooling Low pressure Oscillating Misting Fan 30"
Mobile 6 Self-Contained Cooling Trailer
Mobile III Military Cooling Trailer

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Free Shipping on orders over $100