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Patio Misting Systems

Expert advice by Advanced Misting Systems for fixed and portable patio misting systems. We also provide guidance in replacing parts & accessories to mist fans, nozzles & other cooling equipment.

If you're looking into how to install a patio misting system, Advanced Misting Systems has all the necessary kits, parts, brass nozzles and accessories for do-it-yourself applications of patio cooling. We even carry replacement parts for misting systems and fans, including pumps, nozzles and motors that can be used to fix everything from small, portable misting fans to the more elaborate outdoor misting systems and cooling units.

The type of misting kit or fan you need depends on the size of the area you would like to cool in addition to how much cooling power you desire. We carry do-it-yourself kits for outdoor misting systems of all sizes that can be operated with low or high pressure pumps run with a standard 120V outlet. More powerful pressure misting systems will require access to a higher voltage power source for efficient operation. For those looking into how to install a patio misting system in the most cost-effective way possible, we suggest bypassing the professional fees and trying one of our easy do-it-yourself misting system kits. Each kit comes with the following basic parts and accessories:

  • High-pressure mist pump module
  • Tubing
  • Filtration system
  • Brass nozzles
  • And much more!

Whether you want to know how to install a patio misting system yourself or have hired an installation crew, we have everything you need to get the job done. We carry the top names in portable and fixed cooling units, including:

  • Aero Mist®
  • Aqua Breeze
  • Aquality
  • TPI
  • J&D Manufacturing
  • KoolFog
  • Cool Draft Blue
  • Mobile One
  • Port-A-Cool ™

For more details on our patio misting system selection, contact Advanced Misting Systems today. You can reach us online 24/7 or by phone during standard West Coast business hours.


18" Oscillating wall mount misting fan, White
Aero-cool 18" misting fans