Misting Systems for Schools

With shifting seasons and escalating temperatures, maintaining comfortable school environments emerges as a paramount concern, which is why Advanced Misting Systems offers many misting systems that are ideal for schools. Previously considered to be for patios and commercial domains, our misting kits can also be indispensable elements of educational infrastructure, providing year-round comfort for students and staff alike in outdoor spaces. Our innovative mist cooling systems play a pivotal role in sustaining a comfortable learning and playing environment – despite varying weather conditions. Learn more about all our misting systems offer for schools below:

Functions and Benefits of Misting Systems at Schools

Misting systems operate through the precise release of microscopic water droplets into the surrounding air. As these droplets evaporate swiftly, they extract heat from the environment, resulting in a noticeable reduction in ambient temperatures. However, the benefits extend far beyond mere cooling. 
In educational settings, our misting systems play a multifaceted role, transforming the atmosphere into a rejuvenating space that can enhance both learning and recreational activities. Particularly during scorching summer months, they provide a reprieve from oppressive heat, fostering an environment where students can concentrate better and engage more effectively. Furthermore, by effectively mitigating heat-related stressors, misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems can help contribute to the overall safety and well-being of students and staff, helping to ensure they remain more alert, comfortable, and focused on their educational pursuits while enjoying the outdoors

Misting Fan System 300PSI
Misting Fan System 150PSI
Misting Fan System With
1000 PSI Pump

Outdoor Cooling for Schools

Misting systems and fans offer crucial advantages in schools by effectively cooling outdoor spaces like playgrounds, sports fields, and outdoor eating areas. These areas can frequently suffer from excessive heat due to insufficient shade, especially during peak sunlight hours. Through strategic installation, misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems can help turn these hot spots into inviting environments where students can partake in physical activities more comfortably and safely from the threat of heat exhaustion. Furthermore, the creation of cooler outdoor spaces encourages students to embrace more outdoor activities, thereby fostering better physical health and overall well-being.

Technical Aspects and Installation Ease

At the heart of misting systems lie key technical components such as high-pressure pumps, precision-engineered misting nozzles, and resilient tubing. These elements work together harmoniously, generating a fine mist that efficiently cools the surroundings without leading to dampness or sogginess. In addition, our misting systems boast customizable features, making them adaptable to the diverse layouts and needs of schools for a variety of outdoor settings. This flexibility helps ensure optimal coverage and effectiveness, so you can tailor them precisely to each space’s unique specifications. With Advanced Misting Systems, schools can count on high-quality solutions that provide superior cooling performance and comfort.

Despite their advanced functionality, misting kits from Advanced Misting Systems are surprisingly straightforward to install, making them an ideal choice for schools seeking quick and effective cooling solutions. At Advanced Misting Systems, our team offers a range of mist cooling kits designed specifically for educational institutions. These kits come with comprehensive installation instructions, ensuring hassle-free setup. Additionally, our resident misting expert, Mike Workman, is readily available to provide guidance and support throughout the installation process, helping to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency for your school playground or outdoor area misting system.

High Pressure - 1000 PSI

Starting at: $2,040.00 for a 30 foot system
  • Stainless Steel, Copper and Nylon tubing options
  • 1000 PSI pump (Direct Drive, Enclosed or Pulley)
  • From 30 feet to 200 feet

Mid Pressure - 300 PSI

Starting at: $1,269.00 for a 30 foot system
  • Stainless Steel, Copper and Nylon tubing options
  • 300 PSI pump (Direct Drive, Enclosed or Pulley)
  • From 30 feet to 90 feet

Low Pressure - 150 PSI

Starting at: $347.00 for a 30 foot system
  • Nylon Misting Kit with 150 PSI Pump
  • Available in 20 or 40 feet

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As schools strive to create safer and more comfortable learning environments, misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems emerge as indispensable tools for outdoor temperature regulation. Our team is leading the way in providing innovative cooling solutions tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions. By harnessing the power of misting technology, schools can enhance student comfort, promote outdoor activities, and, ultimately, foster a conducive atmosphere for learning and growth.

For more information, contact us at Advanced Misting Systems today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on how to add a misting system to your playground, patio, or other outdoor area.