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Misting Fans

We carry portable cooling fans to keep you cool with a refreshing fine mist of water wherever you go, from your backyard to your business. Our mobile patio misting fans are available in several sizes, from small, personal fans to heavy-duty, 48” outdoor misting fans.

With one of our portable outdoor misting fans, you can get cool relief and humidity control wherever you need it. Cooling fans can lower temperatures as much as 30 degrees, allowing you to be more comfortable in hot weather. Our patio misting systems are great for:

  • Backyards
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Barnyards
  • Athletic fields
  • And so much more!

You’ll be impressed with our selection of patio misting fans for sale. Advanced Misting Systems carries the top names in cooling fans, including: Aero Mist, Aqua Breeze, Aquality, TPI, J&D Mfg., KoolFog, Cool Draft Blue, Mobile One and Port-A-Cool.

We also carry several smaller models of personal cooling fans. With your own personal mister, you can enjoy the refreshment of cool water whenever you’d like. Our mobile outdoor misting fans give you the flexibility to work and play outdoors, even when it’s blazing outside. Check out our assortment of patio misting fans. Our misting system, misting fan / cooling fan, and evaporative cooler / swamp cooler can be useful as a cooling system for the following:

  • Backyard Misting Systems
  • Patio Misting System
  • Portable Cooling Fan
  • Barn Cooling
  • Horse Cooling

Misting Fan System With 1000 PSI Pump

Starting at $1412 for an 18" fan kit.

- 18", 24" or 30" fan sizes
- Choose between 1-12 fans
- 1000 PSI pump (Direct Drive, Enclose, Pulley or VFD)

Build your 1000 PSI Misting Fan System »

Misting Fan System With 300 PSI Pump

Starting at $728 for an 18" fan system.

- 18" or 24" fans sizes
- Choose between 1-8 fans
- 300 PSI pump

Build your 300 PSI Misting Fan System »

Misting Fan System With 150 PSI Pump

Starting at $469 for an 18" fan system.

- 18" fan size
- Choose between 1 & 6 fans
- 150 PSI pump

Build your 150 PSI Misting Fan System »

Live Stock
Live Stock
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Misting Fan Heads
Misting Fan Heads
14 products
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14 products
Retro Fit
Retro Fit
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30"misting fans
30"misting fans


18" Wall/Ceiling mount misting fan KIT
Market price: $299.00 save 8%
18" Wall/Ceiling Mounted, Oscillating Misting Fan KIT
24" Wall/Ceiling Mounted, Oscillating Misting Fan KIT
Market price: $600.00 save 4%
30" oscillating misting fan
Fan Retro Fit Kits, Makes your fan a misting fan. Click and See pricing and size.
Mist Rings Only
"Original" Portable Misting Tower
18" Fan System w/150 PSI Pump 1 fan to 6 fan kits, Click to see pricing
Misting Fan System 300 PSI Pump, 18" or 24" Fans, Choose 1-8 Fans, Starting at $728
Misting Fan System 1000 PSI Pump, 18", 24" or 30" Fans, 1-12 Fans, Starting at $1483

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