Evap/Swamp Cooler Parts

We carry a wide range of swamp air coolers, including portable swamp coolers. Our selection of evaporative coolersincludes everything from personal cool mist humidifiers to heavy-duty 48" evap coolers. We also stock swamp cooler parts and accessories, including replacement motors, pumps and pads, to fulfill all of your cooling system needs.

We carry portable evaporative coolers from Port-A-Cool, one of the world's leading manufacturers of evap coolers.

  • PAC2K16
  • PAC2K24

We also sell several models of TPI heavy-duty portable evaporative coolers. Our TPI stock includes:

  • TPI EVAP-12
  • TPI EVAP-16
  • TPI EVAP-36
  • TPI EVAP-48

For each brand of portable swamp cooler we carry, we also stock swamp cooler parts and accessories. Our swamp cooler parts include everything from vinyl covers and replacement castors to replacement pads and motors for your evaporative cooling system.

In addition to our commercial-strength portable swamp coolers, we also feature a wide range of personal, portable cool-mist humidifiers. Perfect for small spaces at home or the office, personal swamp air coolers can cool up to 750 square feet.

No matter what you're looking for in an evaporative cooler, Advanced Misting Systems offers everything from personal cool-mist humidifiers to heavy-duty portable swamp coolers to cool your backyard, patio or barn. We even carry a large selection of swamp cooler parts and accessories to help you in your repairs and enhancements.