Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling and misting fans! Advanced Misting Systems provides superior outdoor cooling systems, patio misters, misting fans, evaporative cooling and portable fans for your individual needs.

Advanced misting system’s evaporative cooling systems consist of a 1,000 psi pump system that creates a 10-micron droplet that flash-evaporates and cools about 30 degrees Fahrenheit without any residual moisture.

Our evaporative cooling systems are great for sporting events, outdoor parties, concerts, race teams, outdoor restaurants, patios, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, injection molding, food processing and almost any high heat industrial application.

Advanced Misting System’s evaporative cooling are made up of the most highly efficient pumps and motors on the market today. Our highly trained sales and service staff know all there is to know about evaporative cooling, misting fans, outdoor cooling systems and patio misters.

If you have any questions contact Advanced Misting Systems for your outdoor cooling systems needs 760-779-1352.

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