Portable Cooling Trailers

Advanced Misting Systems builds portable evaporative cooling trailers that will give outdoor workers consistent relief from the heat. We offer a variety of misting cooling trailers that are easy to transport, and offer an effective respite for outdoor workers who must deal with unrelenting high temperatures. Our website has always been a go-to destination for those in the market for portable misting trailer fans. We know how important it is to you to provide conditions for your workers that are safe. Heat relief is an important issue, and our evaporative cooling options are the best and most affordable you'll find anywhere online. Our trailer misting fans come from the industry's leading manufacturers, and we have always made ordering and shipping easy and convenient.

Peruse our inventory for yourself, and discover the cooling options that work best for you, your company and your workers at Advanced Misting Systems.

Providing portable evaporative cooling trailers for workers doing their jobs in extremely hot conditions is the responsible thing to do. The misting cooling trailers we offer bring immediate and consistent relief to those workers, allowing them to pursue their jobs more safely and efficiently.

  • Portable cooling systems
  • Misting trailers from a number of the industry's leading manufacturers including Port-A-Cool, Honey Badger and more
  • Easy to transport to a variety of outdoor locations
  • Available in a variety of sizes

We can also custom build a portable misting trailer to fit your needs, contact us to get started.

Gallery of Custom Portable Misting Trailers

Misting Trailer Products

Mobile 3 Self-contained Cooling Trailer

  • Runs for 8 hours on one tank of water and gas
  • 3 x 24” misting fans

Mobile 6 Self-contained Cooling Trailer

  • 6 x 24” misting fans

Mobile III Military Cooling Trailer

  • 3 x 24” misting fans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Misting Systems

What Is a Misting System?

Misting systems are innovative cooling solutions that function by spraying a fine mist or fog into the air. This mist quickly evaporates, absorbing heat from the surrounding environment and effectively lowering the ambient temperature.

How Does a Misting System Work?

Our misting systems operate through a process known as flash evaporation. Water is released through tiny nozzles as ultra-fine droplets. These droplets immediately transform into vapor due to the heat in the air. This process results in a cooling effect, lowering the temperature of the affected area.

What Are the Main Components of a Misting System?

At Advanced Misting Systems, our misting kits primarily consist of three components: tubing to transport water, filtration to ensure clean water, and very fine nozzles or emitters that disperse the mist evenly.

What Are the Different Types of Misting Systems Available?

Misting systems from us at Advanced Misting Systems are available in various types, each designed for specific purposes. These include city water pressure systems, low-pressure 150 PSI pump-driven systems, mid-pressure 300 PSI non-commercial systems, and high-pressure 1000 PSI systems that offer versatility to meet diverse cooling needs.

How Effective Is a Misting System in Cooling an Area?

When installed correctly with the appropriate components, misting systems can help lower the ambient temperature of space by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes our misting kits exceptionally efficient at creating a comfortable environment, especially during warmer weather.

Is a Misting System Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use?

Absolutely! Misting systems can be effectively used both indoors and outdoors. Proper installation and configuration are key to ensuring their suitability for different settings. At Advanced Misting Systems, our expert, Mike Workman, can provide guidance on how to set up each type of system properly.

Does a Misting System Use a Lot of Water?

Misting systems are relatively water-efficient. On average, they consume about half to one gallon of water per hour per nozzle, making them an eco-friendly cooling option compared to many other cooling alternatives.

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