Misting Hoses & Tubing

We offer high-quality mist tubing for both home and business applications, including low-pressure, copper, stainless steel and nylon misting tubing.

Water transfer is one of the most important aspects of any cooling system, which is why Advanced Misting Systems offers a variety of misting tubing. The key to a cool, comfortable environment lies in keeping your misting system in good working order. Whether you need to repair an existing system or simply want to upgrade your misting system to something better suited for your space, we have the tubing and accessories you need to make your vision come to life.

Not all misting hoses are alike. We offer copper and stainless steel misting tubing as well as nylon and polyethylene tubing in both high- and low-pressure variants. Our website also includes high-pressure Synflex misting hose. No matter what kind of misting system you have, we have the right misting tubing to ensure that water flows unobstructed. This will keep your home, patio or business nice and cool all summer long, even in temperatures over 100 degrees!

Shop from our mist tubing below to find the perfect tubing to suit your needs and enjoy FREE shipping when you place an order over $100!

If you have any questions about our high quality misting tube options, give Mike our mist tubing expert a call on (760)-779-1352 today.

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