Military Cooling Systems

Our military cooling systems are of great benefit to the brave men and women that make up our armed forces. The ability to offer the branches of the military portable cooling systems to keep those serving in extreme heat cool is something we are proud to do. You'll find military portable misting fans from the industry's leading manufacturers on our website. Advanced Misting Systems is committed to providing the very best such equipment to the military at the most affordable prices online today. The sacrifices our fighting men and women make for us should never be forgotten. The positive effect our military portable cooling trailer fans can have for those serving in unrelenting conditions is very important to us. We hope you'll take the time to learn more about the many great systems available to you on our easy to use website. We believe you'll find the perfect cooling system to allow your troops a bit of relief.

Men and women serving in the military are often sent to parts of the world in which extreme heat is a way of life. Our military cooling systems allow for a respite from that heat, and allow troops to stay cool and avoid the perils of overheating.

  • We offer a variety of makes and models of military portable misting fans/trailers
  • All of our military portable cooling systems are easily transportable
  • The cooling systems you'll find on our website come from the industry's leading manufacturers and are available at extremely competitive prices

There is a reason that Advanced Misting Systems is the largest provider of cooling systems online today. Actually there are many reasons, but it all begins with the most diverse line of products you'll find anywhere. It is our honor to provide cooling systems that the military can rely on to keep their troops cool in adverse conditions, and we are here to help you find just the right equipment to make it happen.

Mobile III Military Cooling Trailer

  • 3 x 24” misting fans
  • 350 gal poly water tank with drain valve.
  • 4000 watt commercial grade generator.
  • 1000 psi commercial high pressure mist pumps with on demand water transfer pumps.