Cool Draft Misting Fans

Cool Draft misting fans are among the most popular items on the Advanced Misting Systems website, and with good reason. These versatile portable misting systems fit in wherever outside cooling is required, including patio and backyard misting so you can entertain family and friends year-round. Cool Draft outdoor misting fans also make great barn misting systems. Barn cooling is vital during the warm summer months, and a proper horse mister will keep your horse cool and comfortable no matter the time of year. Advanced Misting Systems offers you the choice of two great models of Cool Draft patio fans, so take a moment out of your time today to learn about these state-of-the-art cooling options.

We’re proud to count Cool Draft misting fans among the many great products you’ll find at Advanced Misting Systems.

  • M1-360 model
  • HP-360 model
  • High pressure, high velocity misting fans
  • Perfect for use on patios and in backyards
  • May be used as a barn misting system

The portability of Cool Draft outdoor misting fans is a definite asset. Their versatility of use means you can set them up in any outdoor area, and the ability to use them to keep animals cool is greatly appreciated by horse owners.

Advanced Misting Systems prides itself on providing the most diverse line of cooling and misting systems on the internet today. The inclusion of Cool Draft patio fans is yet another example of the state-of-the-art equipment we provide from the industry’s leading manufacturers. You’ll find great pricing, impeccable customer service and timely and affordable shipping here. We want to make the purchasing experience an easy and positive one for you. If we can help you in any way please feel free to call to speak to a member of our experienced staff. Working together we can find the right system for you.

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