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How A Marijuana Misting System Can Help Cultivate & Grow Your Cannabis Crop

With legalized marijuana growing and medical marijuana growing sweeping the nation, especially in California, Arizona and Colorado. Many growers are looking for ways to enhance their production; and a marijuana misting system from Advanced Misting Systems can help. 

If you are a grower of cannabis in California, Arizona and Colorado, you know that getting both a high-quality yield and high quantity yield of your cannabis crop is everything. In order for you to cultivate and grow your cannabis correctly, the optimal conditions must be in place. When it comes to achieving optimal growing conditions and getting the highest quality and yield possible, a high quality misting system can be incredibly useful.

What makes a marijuana misting system so great is that it can maintain optimal humidity levels, control temperatures, disinfect and sterilize, and also control odors. By creating a consistent atmosphere in greenhouses and other growing facilities, a fogging system can control the climate, which in effect can make your cannabis cultivation more successful and make you more money.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how a marijuana misting system can help with four major factors when it comes to the growth and cultivation of cannabis. The four factors we’ll cover will be humidification, odor control, cooling, and disinfecting and sterilizing.

How A Cannabis Fogging System Can Control Humidity

When it comes to cannabis plants growing optimally, a correct amount of humidity is needed. Typically, marijuana crops need higher levels of humidity in order to grow their best, although this level can’t be too high. When humidity levels are too high, this can lead to problems like fungal growth occurring, which can devastate a crop yield. When humidity is too high, Botrytis, or gray mold, can grow on cannabis, which can lead to it turning brown, gray, and eventually, dead. Likewise, when humidity levels are too low, other problems can occur. When there is too little moisture in the air, cannabis can be left looking withered, which certainly isn’t good for its health or crop production. When humidity levels are just right, though, marijuana plants can take proper amounts of carbon dioxide, allowing them to grow quicker.

By using an effective cannabis fogging system, humidity levels can be controlled properly, where they are not too low or too high, but rather just right. Through the humidity control that a marijuana misting system provides, harmful mold from too high levels of humidity can be avoided, while carbon dioxide intake and growth won’t be affected by too low levels of humidity.

How A Marijuana Misting System Can Be Used For Odor Control

If you’ve ever grown cannabis before, then you know that it does indeed release a powerful odor. Not only can this odor be unpleasant for employees to be around, but this odor can spread outside of a growing facility to neighboring areas. This means other people and businesses can be exposed to a smell that’s unpleasant enough to wake up Sleeping Beauty. The last thing you want is complaints and lawsuits being filed against you for the smell your marijuana grow house is releasing! Uncontrolled odors can quickly lead to your business developing a bad reputation in the community and paying through the nose in fines.

Luckily, a marijuana misting system can neutralize the pungent odor that comes from your marijuana grow house and growing cannabis on a large scale. This will make life more enjoyable not only for yourself and your employees but everyone else outside your facility. 

Effectively minimizing complaints with a marijuana odor control misting system will allow you to focus your time and energy on growing your crops and your business.

How A Marijuana Misting System Can Be Used For Cooling

When the environmental temperatures get too hot in the area where marijuana is being cultivated, the growth can be greatly slowed. Besides growth being negatively affected, many other problems can result from too hot temperatures. For one, bacteria and fungus tend to thrive in the heat, which can destroy marijuana plants. Pests like spider mites also love the heat and can infest and kill plants if temperature levels are not controlled. Another issue with heat being too high is nutrient burn. Nutrient burn can cause the tips of marijuana leaves to become bronze-colored. Left uncontrolled, this can spread to the entire leaf and be detrimental to plant health, quality, and growth.

With a cannabis fogging system, proper temperatures can be maintained where you are cultivating your marijuana. As an additional benefit, a marijuana misting system is much less expensive than using an air conditioning unit. The effectiveness and efficiency of a misting system make it a very effective tool in maintaining the right temperature range.

How A Cannabis Fogging System Can Be Used To Disinfect & Sterilize

When cultivating marijuana, it’s crucial to control pests like spider mites and mold such as Botrytis. If one isn’t careful while growing marijuana in a facility, fungal spores can spread rapidly and destroy an entire cannabis crop. A spider mite infestation can also spiral out of control if left unchecked, which can severely damage cannabis crops. 

A marijuana misting system can be highly effective in disinfecting and sterilizing cannabis. By using a mist system, you can always be proactive and prevent any problems from taking hold. Additionally, a fogging system can be a great alternative to pesticides. Fewer pesticides being used means employees will be safer, and plants will have less overall chemical exposure.

Why Choose Advanced Misting Systems To Grow Your Best Cannabis

If you want to maximize the amount of money you make from growing marijuana, then you must control humidity levels, temperature, odors and be on top of disinfecting and sterilizing. If any of these things are not handled adequately, they can quickly spiral into major problems. The last thing you want to do is be stressed out from juggling all these things on your own and seeing your crop health suffer, mold growing everywhere, or neighbors constantly pounding on your door to complain of foul odors.

When you work with us at Advanced Misting Systems, our cannabis fogging system can help you tackle all of those risk factors and have you growing like a seasoned professional, even if it is your first year. You’ll experience much less stress and hassle and instead be able to focus on expanding your business by having a cannabis misting system in place. 

Contact one of our very knowledgeable team members today, and we can get you started in picking out the best misting system to suit your marijuana cultivation needs. We’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and have built misting systems for many applications.

High Pressure - 1000 PSI

Starting at: $2,040.00 for a 30-foot system
  • Perfect for large backyard patios and commercial applications
  • Drop temperatures by up to 30 degrees
  • Ultra fine mist leaves zero residual moisture on floors
  • Life span is 25+ years
  • Stainless Steel, Copper and Nylon tubing options 
  • 1000 PSI pump (Direct Drive, Enclosed or Pulley) 
  • From 30 feet to 200 feet

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