Port a Cool

Port-a-Cool is one of the most respected names in the portable evaporative cooler industry, and you can find their popular line of portable evaporative cooling systems for the best prices anywhere at Advanced Misting Systems. These versatile portable evaporative cooling systems can lower temperatures up to 30 degrees using just tap water and 115v. Those in the market for portable cooling fans while love what they find in the Port-a-Cool line, which offers models that can cool areas ranging from 500 to 4,000 square feet. These indoor and outdoor cooling stations are efficient and economical, and are used in a variety of industries and by commercial and residential customers. Best of all, they are available on the Advanced Misting Systems website at pricing you won’t find anywhere else. Spend a little time checking out this great line of cooling products today!

Port-a-Cool products are a perfect fit for any setting that requires efficient and economical evaporative cooling. The versatility of this product line has made it a popular choice for the following applications:

  • Agriculture – Stables, barns, chicken houses, animals and structures
  • Aviation – Hangars, work areas, baggage claim areas, repair, flight lines
  • Automotive – Garages, repair bays, dealerships and events
  • Restaurants and Special Events – Tent, outdoor dining, festivals, amusement parks, valet pickup, weddings and outdoor parties
  • Military – Mess halls, training areas, warehouses, tents, firing ranges, recruitment centers, outdoor booths
  • Industrial – Assembly lines, workshops, warehouses, construction sites, machine shops
  • Home and Patio – Patio, deck, pool, outdoor living areas, custom garages, workshops, sunrooms
  • Sports and Athletic Facilities – Sidelines, dugouts, practice areas, gyms, arenas, and workout rooms

As you can see, Port-a-Cool cooling units are versatile, easily transportable, and the perfect choice for whatever setting you need them in. with a variety of options to choose from, you are certain to find a model that suits both your needs and your budget.