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Do You Need Help Deciding What Tubing Material & Length To Go With?

Call our expert, Mike, at 760-779-1352. A big advantage of buying from Advanced Misting Systems is our experience and customer service, owner Mike has 20+ years experience with misting systems and is a phone call away.

Information On Tubing Material

PVC DIY PVC Misting Nozzles– PVC DIY misting kits are for the DIYer with experience gluing together their own PVC pipes. We provide the PVC Nozzles that come with a PVC Coupling, you will need to glue everything together.

Quick Overview: 1/2″ PVC Coupling with threaded port and includes nozzle. Schedule 40 PVC hose coupling that is to be used with low pressure misting systems. 1/2″ PVC coupling with threaded port and includes .014″ size nozzle (52014) For use with 1/2″ PVC tubing For use with low pressure misting systems


Poly Pro – Our Poly Pro misting system is very simple for the do-it-yourselfer to install. It will drop the temperature by 10 degrees.

Complete Poly Pro misting system, including nozzles, plastic slip lok starter kit for the do-it-yourselfer. Begin cooling off your outdoor area in no time with this easy to assemble kit. Connects right to your garden hose. (Optional booster pump at 150 PSI 50027) with 3/8″ low pressure poly tubing.


CopperCopper Garden Hose Misting Kit – This premium-quality, professional-grade system is easy to install thanks to our pre-fabricated line. Includes everything you need to mist up to 12 FT of patio. Assembles and attaches to an ordinary garden hose in minutes.

Copper has a more modern and visually appealing aesthetic. Our copper garden hose misting kits can be a little more challenging to install compared to Poly Pro. A DIYer with a moderate level of experience should have no problems.


Stainless SteelStainless Steel Garden Hose Misting System – Our stainless steel garden hose misting systems can be more challenging to install, however it should be easily achievable by the moderate DIYer.

This stainless steel, professional-grade misting system is easy to install. Includes everything you need to mist up to 10 FT of patio. Assembles and attaches to an ordinary garden hose. (System is up gradable to 1000 PSI-60030K pump).


How To Measure Length

Measure the outside perimeter of the area you want to cool with a misting system. And then measure the distance from the area you want to cool, to your water/electrical source. Take the outside perimeter measurement and add the measurement to your watersource, and then add roughly 10% for good measure – this total would be the length you will need to select.

What Parts Are Included In My Misting Kit?

All of our garden hose misting kits (except the PVC DIY) come with 1 Hose Adapter, 1 Sediment Filter, 1 End Cap/Plug and 2 x 6ft nylon tubing sections. All other parts will depend on the length and tubing type, see below for specific parts list.


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Stainless Steel Garden Hose Misting System Parts List

LengthPrefab Misting Line(s)NozzlesUnionsElbowsClampsScrewsPlastic Anchors
8ft1 x 8 Feet Line421888
16ft2 x 8 Feet Lines832131313
24ft3 x 8 Feet Lines1243202020
32ft4 x 8 Feet Lines1653252525
40ft5 x 8 Feet Lines2063303030
48ft6 x 8 Feet Lines2473353535
56ft7 x 8 Feet Lines2883404040
64ft8 x 8 Feet Lines3293454545

Copper Garden Hose Misting System Parts List

LengthPrefab Misting Line(s)NozzlesUnionsElbowsNylon TubingClampsScrewsPlastic Anchors
6ft1 x 6 Feet Line31n/an/a333
12ft2 x 6 Feet Lines6212 x 6ft Nylon Tubing101010
18ft3 x 6 Feet Lines9312 x 6ft Nylon Tubing131313
24ft4 x 6 Feet Lines12432 x 6ft Nylon Tubing161616
30ft5 x 6 Feet Lines15532 x 6ft Nylon Tubing181818
36ft6 x 6 Feet Lines18632 x 6ft Nylon Tubing212121
42ft7 x 6 Feet Lines18732 x 6ft Nylon Tubing242424
48ft8 x 6 Feet Lines24832 x 6ft Nylon Tubing272727
54ft9 x 6 Feet Lines27932 x 6ft Nylon Tubing303030
60ft10 x 6 Feet Lines301032 x 6ft Nylon Tubing333333

Poly Pro Garden Hose Misting System Parts List 3/8" Low Pressure Poly Tubing

NozzlesUnionsPoly TubingClampsScrewsPlastic Anchors

PVC DIY Garden Hose Misting System Parts List

Nozzles w/ PVC CouplingsClampsScrewsPlastic Anchors