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TPI Misting Fans

Our TPI misting fans will help keep you cool in virtually any environment. Keeping cool in the summer heat has never been easier with Advanced Misting System's TPI misting fans and patio misting systems. We offer a wide variety of misting systems for virtually any application, whether it's for your home or business. Our misting fans and evaporative coolers come in all shapes and sizes for large, industrial spaces or small, intimate backyard spaces. No matter what your need is, Advanced Misting Systems has a cooling system that will work perfectly for your space.

Advanced Misting Systems provides a variety of cooling systems for residential and commercial use, including:

  • TPI circulation fans
  • TPI evaporative coolers
  • Patio misting
  • Patio cooling
  • Misting systems
  • Evaporative cooling systems

The TPI circulation fan is one of the best selling items at Advanced Misting Systems. This fan features a 10-gallon water tank and a self-contained misting system that sprays a light and refreshing mist that will help you cool down. What makes the TPI evaporative cooler stand out is that it doesn't simply blow air around like a standard industry fan. It actually cools the air down by spreading a superfine micro-mist of cool water, making it perfect for backyards, patios or commercial spaces.

Advanced Misting Systems offers some of the highest quality patio misting and evaporative cooling systems on the market to help keep you cool during the hottest summer months, but the benefits don't end there. Misting systems can help homes and businesses deal with extreme conditions, such as dust, odor, air contamination and more. Owning your very own misting system is a terrific way of relying less on air conditioning, cleaning the air and making your work or living environment a more comfortable place to be!


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