Heavy Duty VFD Misting Pump (4.0 or 7.0 GPM)

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(not available for pumps higher than 2.1 GPM *See Nozzle / Motor Chart Below)

Benefits of Scale X Filter: The Scale X filter effectively inhibits the formation of calcium-carbonate scale to keep your nozzles cleaner longer. Add a Scale X filter to your pump; minimize nozzle maintenance; enjoy your misting system hassle-free.

Benefits of Low Pressure Switch: The low pressure switch protects your 1000 psi pump from damage if the water supply is accidentally turned off. The switch prevents the pump from turning on which saves the pump from over-heating and damaging the internal seals.

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These pumps can reduce electricity use by HALF compared to conventional misting pump systems.

Our exciting new line of VFD Misting Pump Systems are most commonly used in all areas of misting that have several zones or noise sensitive areas. These pumps can slow down and speed up as zones are opened and closed which makes the pump produce 1000 PSI of pressure at any flow rate.

These pumps are great for: High Residential Misting, Restaurant Patio Misting, Greenhouse Misting, Poultry Misting, and Livestock Misting, Humidification, Dust Control, and Odor Control.

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