Commercial Totally Enclosed Direct Drive Misting Pumps (2.1 or 2.9 GPM)

Starting at: $2,983.88

Our new line of High Pressure Pumps now include-Ecosmart filtration that helps reduce hard water scale build-up and low water pressure safety switch that shuts down pump if water pressure is reduced or turned off. Includes thermo relief valve that cycles water out if pump is running hot due to bypass. Auto drain valve kit is now also supplied, this helps keep nozzles clean and water fresh. All of our pump units are built with CAT Brand Pumps and are the finest pump on the market today.

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Advanced Systems HD series 230 volt pump systems.

These units are built for continuous duty under load. Our best.

Our Advanced Misting HD enclosed pumps are upgraded to have both a 5 and 1 micron filters to add additional filtering to keep the nozzles clean from debris.  The pump covers are also fitted with a sound dampening sheet to reduce the pump’s noise level roughly 10db’s over our direct drive models. The 230 volt motors come with 20 amp plugs and can be hard wired if needed.

Garden hose adapter to fit your outdoor spigot for the water supply is standard. We use a 3/8″ compression fitting on the outlet of the pump to attach to high pressure nylon tubing.

230 Volt 60Hz Single or 3 Phase.

CAT 2SF Series Pump Head, Low Pressure Switch, Relay, Dual Filters

Our pump units require maintenance about every 500 hours.

Features of these Pump Units:

  • Dimensions: L 26.5″ x W 16.5″ x H 13.5″
  • Rubber Mounted Motors
  • HD CAT Pumps
  • Motors have overload protection
  • Inlet water On/Off automatic soleniod
  • Dual filtration sediment
  • 11-gauge pump platforms with powder coat finish
  • HD power switch
  • 4 foot power cord
  • 3 foot inlet water hose with STD 3/4″ water fitting
  • Low water pressure safety switch (optional)
  • Thermo relief valve for pump cooling


  • Wifi controllers
  • Hand held remote control
  • Thermostats
  • Humidistats
  • Time clock controllers
  • 24 Volt controllers
  • Low water safety switch kit
  • Pump service kits – oil, filters and tools




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Pump Nozzle Sizing Chart

GPM.004 Misting Nozzles.006 Misting Nozzles.008 Misting Nozzles.012 Misting Nozzles.016 Misting NozzlesVoltageAmpsWeightDimensions
.33 GPM20-4013-268-155-104-8120 Volt 60Hz8.4 Amps65 lbsL 24" W 11" H 13"
.5 GPM30-6020-4013-259-186-13120 Volt 60Hz8.4 Amps65 lbsL 24" W 11" H 13"
1 GPM60-12040-8025-50 18-3612-25120 Volt 60Hz8.4 Amps65 lbsL 24" W 11" H 13"
1.5 GPM94-18858-11637-7526-5319-38120 Volt 60Hz14 Amps55 lbL 24" W 11" H 13"
2.1 GPM125-24580-16050-10036-7225-50230 Volt 60 Hz8 Amps125 lbL 18" W 16" H 13"
3.0 GPM188-376116-3275-15053-10638-76220 Volt 60 Hz8 Amps125 lbL 26" W 16" H 13"