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Enclosed Variable Speed VFD Misting Pumps

Enclosed Variable Speed VFD Misting Pumps
125.00 lbs
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Gallons Per Minute

These pumps are generally used to separate mist zones. For example; if you have 4 patios and only need mist to one patio at a time these pumps can slow down or speed up depending on the demand of mist needed, or if you have 6 mist fans and you only want to run mist to only 2 fans the pump system will slow down and only provide mist to only the 2 fans.

These VFD pumps can be built with electric valves that can be switched remotely from anywhere you would like to control the system.

High pressure ball valves can also be used for creating zones manually near the pump or area your needing mist.

TEFC Electric Motor, Dual Filter, Pressure Gauge, Drain Valve, Adjustable Regulator, Energy Savings, Continuous Duty, Motor Overload Protection, Low Water pressure Cut-Off.

Our pump units require maintenance about every 500 hrs or once a year for most systems.

Oil change and filter replacment. See part numbers below.                                                     


Weight and Dimensions 125 lbs; 18"L 16"W 13"H

TEFC Electric Motor (Item # 31041), Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge (Item # 57251), Adjustable Regulator, Solenoid (Item # 30375)

One 10" Filter Element 1 Micron (Item # 57006)

One 10" Filter Element 5 Micron (Item # 57011)

Replacement CAT pump oil (Item # 57025)

  • 230 Volt / Single Phase
  • Energy Saving
  • Continous Duty
  • Soft Start
  • Low Noise Level
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Electric high pressure zones valves can be added 24 or 120 volt
GPM  .008 Misting Nozzles   .012 Misting Nozzles   .014 Misting Nozzles 
1 GPM  Up to 45  Up to 30  Up to 25
1.5 GPM    Up to 65  Up to 45  Up to 35
2.1 GPM  Up to 100  Up to 60  Up to 55
3.0 GPM  Up to 135  Up to 90  Up to 75
Enclosed VFD Misting Pump Inside of Enclosed VFD Pump Inside Top View Enclosed VFD Pump




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