How to Effectively Cool Crowds & Workers with Misting Trailers From Advanced Misting Systems

At Advanced Misting Systems, we offer highly effective misting trailers to aid in cooling larger outdoor spaces. In the heat of summer, the outdoors can become particularly challenging for those who have to work or attend events in such conditions. Luckily, innovative mist-cooling technology from Advanced Misting Systems has offered a solution in the form … Read more

The Best Misting Systems of 2023

Graphic of areas misted with Advanced Misting Systems

Deciding on the best misting system for your patio or outdoor space can be challenging with so many choices on the market.  We are going to de-mist-ify sorting through the different options and get you up to speed; so that you can be an informed buyer.A key advantage of doing business with Advanced Misting Systems … Read more

How to Install a Misting System: A Guide From Advanced Misting Systems

Understanding how to install a misting system from Advanced Misting Systems is essential for anyone wanting to order and set up one of our incredible cooling systems. As a leading provider of efficient and effective cooling systems for homes, businesses, and more, our team understands the many factors that go into building, installing, and using … Read more

Portable Misting Fan with Water Tank

At Advanced Misting Systems, we offer portable misting fans with water tanks to help bring efficient mist cooling to practically any outdoor space. As the summer months roll around every year, many people find themselves searching for ways to stay cool while outside – no matter where they are located. One of the most effective … Read more

The Best Patio Misting System for 2023

The best patio misting systems for 2023 are available for ordering from the experts at Advanced Misting Systems. When warmer weather inevitably comes around, many homeowners and business owners start seeking ways to beat the heat while still being able to use and enjoy their outdoor spaces. Fortunately, one of the most effective ways to … Read more

Misting Systems for Odor & Dust Control for Dumps and Waste Processing Facilities

At Advanced Misting Systems, we supply a wide variety of mist, fog, and evaporative cooling options that can help control the spread of odors and dust, which can be beneficial in numerous environments, including dumps and waste processing facilities in the United States. Our misting systems and more are made in the U.S. from high-quality … Read more

What are the Benefits of Evaporative Coolers?

Evaporative coolers from Advanced Misting Systems offer commercial and residential customers considerable benefits. Our evaporative coolers help to efficiently and effectively cool spaces. However, this is not all they provide. Read on to learn more about what evaporative coolers are, how they work, and the inherent benefits of owning them. What are Evaporative Coolers? Evaporative … Read more

Top 3 Benefits of a Patio Misting System That Make it Worth the Investment

Patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems offer our customers multiple benefits for their favorite outdoor spaces. However, just the top three benefits of owning an outdoor mist cooling system make them worth the investment for residential or commercial properties. Read on to learn more about how patio misting systems work and how these systems … Read more

What To Know About Mist Fogging Kits and How They Can Boost Your Productivity

Advanced Misting Systems is one of the leading suppliers of mist fogging kits on the West Coast and beyond. So what is a mist fogging kit? It’s a device that regulates the temperature and humidity in outdoor areas of homes or businesses. However, they can also be used indoors in certain settings, such as larger … Read more

Sports Misting Systems

Advanced Misting Systems sells a wide range of low, medium, and high-pressure sports misting systems for commercial and personal outdoor sporting events, venues, and facilities. Our sports misting systems and kits can assist in keeping outdoor sports areas cooler and more comfortable for players and spectators alike. At Advanced Misting Systems, we offer a variety … Read more