Year: 2012

Advanced Misting Systems Weekly Blog

Welcome to Advanced Misting Systems Weekly Blog! If you’re in Palm Desert, CA come by and see our new showroom featuring all the latest misting system products like Aero Mist Pumps, Aero Mist Misting Kits, Coolzone Mist Fans, CoolDraft Misting Fans, and our BigFog systems. Come by and see how we can help you make … Read more

How To Properly Mist In Humid Situations

High pressure misting is a great way to cool down during the hot summer months. Typical mist systems consist of what is known as “line” mist that commonly surrounds the perimeter of a patio. While this type of mist is typically very effective, if the location is a humid part of the country, it can often at times lead to a very wet patio. The idea of effective mist is for it to evaporate before it has a chance to gather on anything. If it’s too humid, this is not likely to happen.

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Labor Day Special!

Get ready everyone! Labor Day weekend is right around the corner and we’re ready to have one big blast! We’re knocking $100 off the PM-18S which is a hand carry portable misting fan from the retail price ($499.99). This fan is “bad-ass”.

Here’s a little bit of product info:

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How To Avoid Heat Stress

Weather predictions for this summer indicate that are square measure set to experience a number of the hottest temperatures on record. This creates serious problems regarding heat-related sicknesses for those exposed to extreme temperature environments or active in outside activities.

High temperature environments will exist in large factories, or in your own yard or football game field. Your best protection to avoid heat stress is to learn.

Prepare for outside activities that are for extended periods of time. Heat stress throughout outside activities, like sports practices and games, is a common incidence. Risks for affected by heat-related sicknesses increase for those that aren’t in sensible shape, the seniors, and really young kids. Additionally to being attentive to time spent outdoors throughout extreme heat, there are other steps you’ll be able to go for to make sure your staff, family, and you keep safe:

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Misting Fans Are More Effective Than Circulation Fans

Millions of American citizens use some form of circulation fan on a daily basis to stay cool, especially right now as we sit within the midst of one of the warmer summers in recent memory. However according to a new medical report, a circulation fan by itself is actually not an efficient means of staying cool. There’s one exception, however: portable misting fans.  Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency medicine physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York elaborated to CBS News:

“Circulation fans, only when used with misting spray in healthy people, may have the ability to promote cooling,” says Glatter.

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June Summer Specials on Cooling Fans and Personal Misting Fans!

June Summer Specials now begin! Get great deals on Cooling Fans and Personal Misting Fans!

The M1-360 is a very nice unit; it’s a 20” Mid Pressure High Velocity Mist Cooling Fan, which constantly outperforms 24” & 30” fans. It features a four position, 3-speed fan (off, low, medium, and high). The fan also has the ability to spin 360 degrees in any direction needed. This fan is a great fan for any event you may have and also is 100% made and sourced in the USA.

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Best-Selling Portable Misting Fan

The TPI PM-18S Portable Misting Fan is one of our best-selling items. This fan features the TPI PM-18S Portable Misting Fan is one of our best-selling items. This fan features a 10 gallon water tank and a self-contained misting system. This power misting fan sprays light mist that help you cool down, instead of simply … Read more

Pumps: Pulley Drive, VFD, and Direct Drive; Simplified

Some answers to frequently asked questions about high pressure misting pumps. We now have the wonderful Variable frequency drive (VFD) pumps also known as inverter drive pumps or variable speed mist pumps. We have a few in stock to choose from and can custom build most any size.

We always carry Pulley Drive Mist Pumps and Direct Drive High Pressure Mist Pumps in stock. They both have their pros and cons:

Advanced Systems Direct Drive Mist Pumps
Most Direct drive misting pumps are usually the least expensive and most common although they can and in most cases be the loudest, This is due to the pump and motor spinning at 1750 rpm and they are usually maxed out at 1000 psi. Although the .5 and 1 gpm mist pumps are not too loud at all. The pump would shut off and not burn up. We have these mist pumps both with and without enclosures. We do suggest a low-­‐pressure safety option to prevent damage to the pump if the water was ever turned off accidentally.

Advanced Systems Pulley Drive Mist Pumps
Pulley Drive Mist Pumps are typically more expensive than direct drive because of the extra cost of the pulleys, belts, and all the extra hardware that goes with it. All of the belt drive mist pumps are built with full enclosures that house all the electrical components and eliminates the need for a belt guard. One of the advantages of choosing a belt drive mist pump system is the noise factor; they are quiet and last much longer than the Direct Drive Pumps. The fact is that we size the pumps gallon per minute output much larger and then we slow the pumps down to about 750 rpm. This makes a large pump run much slower and produce less noise. These are good pumps for residential use.

Advanced Misting Systems Variable Frequency Drive Misting Pumps (VDF)

VDF’s are the most expensive mist pump option and these pumps have their own unique characteristics. They consume approximately 25% less electricity than non-­‐VDF systems due to the inclusion of the VFD inverter and the way it utilizes electricity. This is one of the first of three electricity related efficiencies associated with a VFD mist pump but it is the primary reason VFD units are desired for many commercial and industrial applications.

Because of the inclusion of a pressure transducer in the Advanced Misting System VFD Misting Pump, the system also provides the unique capability of only turning the motor at the required hertz based on the flow demand at any given time. This unique feature provides a variable operating speed for the motor. In most cases, the motor AND the pump are both spinning at an rpm level that is less than a standard Direct Drive or Pulley Drive unit. The result is not only a substantially quieter operating mist pump, but also a mist pump that requires less electricity to operate. This is the second of three electricity related efficiencies associated with a VFD misting pump.

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Summer Is Just Around The Corner, Stay Cool

Well America, with summer coming right up we have be prepared! At Advanced Misting Systems, we’re here to help you get prepared for this hot summer! During the next few weeks we’ll be posting up some informational posts to help prepare you for summer! Misting Fans Our recommendation for a misting fan is the TIP … Read more