Year: 2010

Mist Kits

Check out the site for “do it yourself” Mist Kits.  We have many different sizes and styles to choose from.  You can either find one that suits you perfectly or call us and ask us to help you choose one that will best fit your application.  Call today! Let us keep you COOL! ADVANCED MISTING … Read more

High Pressure Misting

High pressure misting is the key to cooling off any patio.  Weather it be a restaurant or a residential patio, there is only on way to mist it.  High pressure!  Going with the inexpensive low pressure system that simply runs off of your regular household pressure will simply get everything and everyone wet.  Increasing the … Read more

Misting with Fans

We would like to inform you how to utilize circulation fans with your high pressure mist to help evaporate and circulate, and ultimately COOL. In parts of the country where it is quite humid, utilizing fans and mist together is almost a MUST!  Obviously, mist is simply putting H2O into the air.  But in order … Read more