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How Outdoor Misting Systems Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Our high-end outdoor misting systems can help improve your quality of life during the summer by creating a cooler and more comfortable environment.

While your patio may be a favored area to relax or spend quality time with family and friends, that space may not be practical to use during the hot summer months. That’s why customers across the nation are turning to Advanced Misting Systems.

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How Do Outdoor Misting Systems Work?

In many places across the United States, summer can be brutal, and staying cool can be challenging. For the longest time, most people have relied on fans and swamp coolers to cool their outdoor environment. Unfortunately, these methods are highly inadequate in terms of decreasing temperatures. Thankfully, there is a solution: outdoor misting systems.

Outdoor misting systems work on the premise of evaporative cooling. This principle dictates that water can absorb substantial heat during the transition from a liquid to a gaseous state. Outdoor misting systems consist of water supply tubing with spray nozzles evenly spaced along the length of an outdoor area. This system is typically attached to a structure that is higher up, such as a roof, outdoor patio enclosure or pergola. An external water source, like a garden hose or a faucet, is connected to the supply tube. Then, a built-in pump releases an ultra-fine mist through the nozzles that immediately cools an area without leaving it moist or uncomfortable.

How Can an Outdoor Misting System Enhance the Quality of Your Life?

Enjoy Your Patio and Outdoors All Summer Long

Without an outdoor cooling system, one must wait until the summer temperatures decrease to enjoy their favorite outdoor spaces. In some instances, people will defer their outdoor activities until later in the evening after sunset or when the sun is setting. With an outdoor misting system, it is possible to lower the overall temperature of some areas by up to 30 degrees. This creates an opportunity to spend more time outdoors with friends and family during the day.

Help Avoid Heat-Related Health Issues

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 600 people die in the United States each year due to extreme heat and heat-related illnesses, such as heatstroke. This generally occurs during the summer months with above-average temperatures and high humidity levels. One way to help prevent the risk of heatstroke is with an outdoor misting system that generates an ultra-fine mist. This cooling mist can help immediately lower an environment’s temperature and help people avoid the heat.

Allergy, Dust, & Pollen Control

In addition to excess heat, summer is a time when there is a lot of dust, pollen, and other allergens in the air. These airborne materials can make life miserable for those with allergies. One of the lesser-known advantages of outdoor patio misting systems is their ability to reduce airborne dust, pollen, and allergens. As a result, those with seasonal allergies can enjoy outdoor areas covered by a misting system without as much sneezing, watery eyes, a runny nose, or other allergic reactions.

Energy Efficiency

Outdoor misting systems consume significantly less energy than other cooling apparatuses. Compared to an outdoor air conditioner, misting systems consume considerably less water and energy. This enables you to maintain a more comfortable outdoor temperature while saving money on your utility expenses. With an outdoor misting system, you may enjoy classic outdoor summer activities, such as entertaining family and friends, without breaking the bank.

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Ask About Our DIY Install Options

When it comes to installing our outdoor misting systems, the difficulty level is relatively modest. For DIY die-hards, our systems come in a DIY kit that contains everything you need for an installation. Soon you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy your cooler outdoor area in no time. Operating the system is equally simple as well. A hose connecting to the side of the house may regulate the water coming into the misting systems.

Contact Us for More Information

Outdoor misting systems can make outdoor areas cooler and much more habitable during the warm summer months. In doing so, misting systems can increase your overall quality of life. If you have questions or are ready to place an order for a high-quality outdoor misting system, contact us at Advanced Misting Systems today!

How Do Odor Control Misting Systems Work?

Industrial Odor Control System

Before we examine how odor control misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems work, let’s first define what they are. Odor control misting systems reduce unwanted odors by producing a fine fog composed of millions of microscopic water droplets that suppress odor molecules. This is performed by infusing a proprietary neutralizing chemical into the high-pressure system, resulting in a fog that engulfs the odor molecules. The end result? Cleaner air!

For high-quality odor control misting systems, customers trust Advanced Misting Systems. Over the course of nearly two decades, we have excelled at providing high quality misting systems for commercial applications.

Why is Odor Elimination Necessary?

It is vital to the profitability and well-being of many enterprises that all odors are eliminated. Odor management is almost always required in industrial settings because of the potential health and environmental risks connected with specific particles. For example, we receive numerous requests to eliminate the scents caused by the following commonly occurring substances: cannabis, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane, and that’s just the beginning.

It is critical to effectively manage these odors, especially regarding the potential health hazards linked with carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of business owners to protect the safety of their staff and customers at all times, and these odorless, colorless gasses have the potential to rapidly degrade to harmful levels if left unchecked.

Why Odor Removal is Important

Exposure to odors can have a wide range of health impacts. These can range from minor discomforts to life-threatening medical conditions. Odor-causing contaminants can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. People who are sensitive to potent smells may experience a burning feeling, resulting in coughing, wheezing, or other respiratory difficulties. Some people get headaches, dizziness, or nausea when exposed to strong odors. Mood, anxiety, and stress are all affected when a smell persists or continues resurfacing.

How Do Our Odor Control Misting Systems Work?

As well as helping to cool your business work environment, our odor control systems can also remove hazardous industrial pollutants from your workplace. This has the potential to translate into higher levels of production. We pride ourselves on providing amazing customer service and exceptional odor control systems. Our team works hard ensuring that you receive the highest quality equipment available on the market.

We feature Airborne Malodor odor control systems that utilize the Dasatron chemical indicator and Toxic Chemical Suppression odor control solutions to improve the safety, comfort, and productivity of your company’s work environment. Our odor control misting systems circulate an ultra-fine atomized mist into the targeted regions for general odor management. The devices use specialized technology to disperse the mist over an extensive area or the odor source.

Odor control via misting systems

High-pressure misting systems work by forcing ordinary water through a specific nozzle, resulting in micron-sized droplets of water that are then spread into the air as a misting spray. Droplets of water are drawn to particles, causing them to accumulate weight and eventually fall to the ground, where they can be removed successfully. A neutralizing solution is introduced into the misting systems water supply via chemical injectors as it passes through, allowing high-pressure misting systems to effectively eradicate any odors present.

A top-notch high-pressure misting system will include several clusters, adaptors, and extensions to allow for additional design options. If you need assistance with designing your misting system our team of experts are happy to assist.

Misting fans can also combine air streams into the mist produced by the misting system. This allows the droplets to cover a wider area more efficiently and equally across the use region. All of these characteristics contribute to the effectiveness of odor control.

Our misting and odor control systems are designed according to the Clean Air Act. In addition, commercial dust control systems are offered on an individual basis and must comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act.

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In addition to standard odor control misting systems, we offer low-pressure and stainless-steel misting fans. Our inventory also includes Fan Retrofit Kits that can turn your regular industrial fan into a misting fan. To learn more about our odor control misting systems and commercial misting units, contact us today.

Poultry Farm Cooling Systems

If you are looking for an outdoor misting system for your hen house, poultry farm, or outdoor shade structure for your chicken range trust Advanced Misting Systems to help you get the perfect cooling solution!

We can help you design your own custom misting system for just about any structure that could benefit from upwards of a 30 degree temperature cooling effect.

Advanced Misting Systems is dedicated your cooling needs! We have been in business for over 20 years and have built a reputation of providing proven cooling solutions for basic or complex needs. Our resident expert Mike is on hand to help answer any questions you might have about how best to cool your area or we can even help you design your complete outdoor misting system from scratch. Our team is committed to seeing you benefit from the amazing cooling effect of our misting systems! We are in the business of keeping our clients cool!

We don’t just design and sell misting systems to cool people; we also design and sell complete cooling solutions for livestock, wildlife, avian regardless if it is for farms, sanctuaries or rehabilitation centers.


The hot summer months can be brutal on your chickens as they are not equipped to effectively manage heat stress. They are limited to panting or dispersing heat through their unfeather areas on their bodies. Its vital that you have cooling systems in place to assist your flock in managing the heat.


When the temperatures rise the hens will reduce their feed intake and their laying performance then declines. To maximize your hens ability to lay you want to keep your chickens cool with an effective cooling system in place. Our misting systems coupled with our misting fans will have your birds benefiting from cooler temperatures to keep up their egg production. As part of your cooling management plan you will want to invest in our low drip misting systems and to further maximize the cooling effect you will want to add in some misting fans in order to keep your chickens cool during the hot summer months.

Keeping your chickens cool during the hot summer months is proven to boost egg laying performance.


Any heat management system you design for your poultry farm needs to be effective and maximize the cooling effect for the space your flock inhabits. Our team can help you design the best cooling solution for your space and so your chickens not only survive the heat but are able to thrive.


Our outdoor misting solutions will help you combat the worst of the summer heat efficiently and effectively and our systems reduce water waste! Let our team help you design an effective hot weather management system for your poultry farm or hen house or outdoor shaded chicken range. We will assist you in designing the optimal misting system to get the maximum cooling effect for your animals. Regardless if you are looking to have a custom system designed and installed or you plan on doing it yourself – our team is here to help!

Check out our line of misting systems and misting fans.

Call or email us for your quote for your custom poultry farm misting system!

Did You Know of These Alternative Cooling Options?

As the hottest part of the year arrives, many businesses are changing their operations to ensure their workers’ safety and well being. Consider how misting systems can help to prevent overheating as well as other serious dangers that hot weather can create. Some industries carry products that need to be stored within certain temperature ranges to prevent spoilage, such as the food and beverage industry. Either way, cooling through the use of continuous air conditioning comes with a hefty price tag.

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Spruce up Your Restaurant’s Patio!

shutterstock_53955292Patios provide a great way for patrons to linger over drinks, appetizers and brunch. Not only are outdoor restaurant spaces versatile, but done properly, they can become a great source of revenue for restaurant owners. These spaces provide opportunity for guests to stay longer and so order more items, as well as doubling your functioning seating area. Whether you are opening a patio, balcony, terrace or rooftop seating area, these tips from Advanced Misting Systems can make your outdoor space shine.

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How an Evaporative Cooler Works

The Luma Comfort EC45S Tower Evaporative Cooler is lightweight, versatile and economical and uses as much electricity as a lightbulb
The Luma Comfort EC45S Tower Evaporative Cooler is lightweight, versatile and economical and uses as much electricity as a lightbulb

We talk a lot about the merits of an evaporative cooler over a standard air conditioner in terms of cost of installation, maintenance and operation, but it seems that not very many people understand how an evaporative cooler works. Also known as swamp coolers, evaporative coolers provide effective cooling by capitalizing on the natural process of water evaporation combined with a simple air-moving system. Keeping the interior of our desert buildings cool is a process that modern technology has made simple. But in the early 20th century, inventions such as air conditioning did not yet exist. People often stayed cool by sleeping outside on screened in porches during the summer. They would hang soaking-wet bed sheets and blankets on the screens and use fans to pull the night air through the moist cloth to provide a cool breeze to lower the room’s temperature.

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The DIY Guide to Cooling Your Patio

shutterstock_81609454When it comes to perfect summer barbecues and family gatherings, the patio is no doubt the social hub of your home. But the sweltering heat is a hindrance to most things outdoors if you live in the American Southwest.  Even the best of parties can be ruined by the harsh sun, so it comes as no surprise to anyone that many people are giving their patios some much needed TLC this summer. Whether you are improving on the patio already in place in your home, or starting out from scratch, these tips from Advanced Misting Systems can help you figure out the best way to keep your patio cool all summer long.

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