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Top 3 Benefits of a Patio Misting System That Make it Worth the Investment

Patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems offer our customers multiple benefits for their favorite outdoor spaces. However, just the top three benefits of owning an outdoor mist cooling system make them worth the investment for residential or commercial properties. Read on to learn more about how patio misting systems work and how these systems can help create a unique and inviting atmosphere that will make your outdoor space more enjoyable to use.

How do Patio Misting Systems Work?

Outdoor misting systems can be a terrific method for staying cool during the hot summer months. With a patio misting system, a pump pushes water throughout misting lines and through a series of nozzles, where it is distributed into the air as mist. When the mist encounters the warmer air and sunlight, it quickly evaporates. As a result, it leaves the air in the area cooler – sometimes up to 15 to 30 degrees cooler. Because of the speed at which this cooling process occurs, you are unlikely to come into direct contact with water vapor. Therefore, you, your clothes, and anything you put in a misting system area will not become soaking wet.

Pool area commercial outdoor patio misting system

Top 3 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Misting System

If you’ve been considering a patio misting system for your home or business, you may be wondering if it’s worth the investment. The best way to determine that is to review the top three benefits of owning a high-quality outdoor mist cooling system from Advanced Misting Systems. These benefits include:

#1. Efficient Cooling

When the temperatures outside start to rise, the last thing you, your loved ones, or your customers want to do is spend time outside on a patio or any other outdoor space. However, with a patio misting system installed, the outdoors can be enjoyed without feeling an excess of summer heat. The mist generated by one of our outdoor cooling systems will help cool the area down, making it an ideal way to beat the heat and enjoy outdoor spaces more often.

#2. Insect Control

Patio misting systems are excellent for helping manage warmer temperatures. However, they can also help manage pests in outdoor areas as well. The mist generated by an outdoor mist cooling system makes it more difficult for bugs, such as bees, wasps, dragonflies, and mosquitoes, to fly through. As a result, these kinds of pests are less likely to bother those enjoying outdoor spaces with misting systems. By installing a high-quality patio misting system, you can help keep your loved ones or guests cooler and less bothered by insects.

#3. Improved Air Quality

Patio misting systems can effectively improve the general air quality in and around an outdoor area. This is because the mist created by these systems raises the humidity levels in a space. As a result, allergens, like dust, pollen, and more, have increased difficulty when moving through the air. This ultimately helps make the air in areas affected by a patio misting system of a higher, healthier quality.

The humid air created by outdoor misting systems can also reduce the spread of foul odors on a patio or other outdoor areas. So not only is the air affected by a patio misting system likely of higher quality, but it is also more likely to smell better.

Why Choose Advanced Misting Systems?

Advanced Misting Systems is a leading provider of high-quality outdoor mist cooling systems. We offer a variety of options to help fit our customers’ unique misting and cooling needs. In addition, our systems are easy to install and use.

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Patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems can provide nearly any outdoor space with various benefits. The top 3 benefits of installing a patio misting system include efficient and effective cooling, insect control, and improved air quality. With our outdoor mist cooling systems, you can get more enjoyment out of your patio or any other outdoor area, even on the warmest days of summer.

With more than two decades of experience, Advanced Misting Systems can assist consumers in identifying the most appropriate cooling solution for their specific needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to help you with additional information about our products and services at your convenience. Contact us today for more details about patio misting systems or to get a quote!

Benefits of Using an Outdoor Misting System in Your Backyard

The high-quality outdoor misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems provide homeowners with numerous benefits when used in a backyard. You’ll be amazed at how much a misting system can improve your favorite outdoor areas – not to mention how it can drastically improve the temperature!

With Advanced Misting Systems, purchasing and installing an outdoor mist cooling system in your backyard is a breeze. Our team has over two decades of experience in the cooling industry and can help identify the most appropriate solution for residential or commercial needs. Our misting systems, fans, evaporative coolers, and other similar devices are affordable, high-quality, and easy to install by both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

Mist cooling systems are used in outdoor settings to cool the surrounding air and provide a more refreshing outdoor experience. However, the mist generated from them can also prevent dust, pollen, and other particles from settling and spreading in the air. Typically, outdoor mist cooling systems are standalone or suspended from a canopy over a patio, deck, or other outdoor areas.

To operate, a misting system pump uses pressurized water to create a fine mist, which is dispersed through misting lines and nozzles. This mist fills the surrounding space with tiny water droplets. As the droplets evaporate in sunlight, they help remove heat from their surroundings. This is due to a process called evaporative cooling. Ultimately, this helps create a refreshing and cooling effect for those in the mist’s affected area.

Benefits of Using a Misting System in Your Backyard

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Enjoy The Outdoors Even in Hot Weather

For many of us, summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors. But this isn’t always the case if you live in a warmer area. For example, temperatures can soar to triple digits during the summer months in many parts of The United States. Thankfully, there is a solution for wanting to enjoy your backyard while avoiding the blistering heat, even in the summer.

By installing a high-quality misting system from Advanced Misting Systems, you can help reduce the heat in backyard spaces. Our mist cooling systems are easy to install and operate. In addition, they can use standard tap water to generate a pressure of up to 1000 psi for high-pressure mist. This helps create an ultra-fine mist that causes an immediate temperature reduction without leaving outdoor areas damp or uncomfortable. Our outdoor misting systems can lead to a temperature reduction of up to 30 degrees in some cases, helping you and your family enjoy your backyard during the summer.

Avoid Heat-Related Health Risks

Sadly, the high heat of summer can lead to several health risks for healthy and unhealthy individuals. However, you can enjoy the outdoors, even in hotter weather, by installing our high-end outdoor misting systems. Our mist systems can help lower temperatures by up to 30 degrees in some settings. This helps ensure vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations are better protected from heatstroke and other heat-related risks.

Reduce Dust, Pollen, and Other Particles

Backyard misting systems can do more than help control heat in certain outdoor areas. They can also help in combating airborne allergens. The mist produced by our mist cooling system does not allow for airborne allergens, like dust, pollen, and others, to settle or move as freely in misted areas. As a result, our mist systems can help improve air quality.

Help Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Outdoor misting systems are a great way to eliminate foul odors from your backyard. The millions of tiny water droplets released by our mist cooling systems help stop odor-causing particles from moving through the air. In doing so, our backyard misting systems can help reduce offensive odors.

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Turn to Advanced Misting Systems for high-quality outdoor misting systems for your backyard. Our mist cooling systems come with numerous benefits, including reducing overall temperatures, dust, pollen, and even unpleasant odors. Our backyard misting systems are affordable and easy to install. With products from Advanced Misting Systems, you will be delighted with your backyard cooling solution. Contact us for more information or to get a quote!

Misting Stations are Perfect for Cooling Spectators & Visitors Down in Summer

An outdoor misting system from Advanced Misting Systems can be an ideal addition to any outdoor venue, event, or activity in need of cooling down spectators, visitors, or any other group of people. Despite the heat, summer is almost always a great time to enjoy outdoor events and activities like sports, sporting events, festivals, and more. Sadly, extreme heat can make spectating or enjoying an outdoor event uncomfortable. In some cases, it can be downright dangerous to a person’s health and well-being. Fortunately, outdoor misting stations from Advanced Misting Systems can help keep people cool, even on the hottest days of summer.

How Do Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems Work?

The industrial misting fans and misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems are ideal for various high-heat outdoor activities, events, and venues. Our misting systems consist of a high-tech pump connected to stainless steel tubes and nozzles, which release an ultra-fine mist of clean water into the atmosphere. Our misting pumps and motors are among the most efficient on the market today. They use 1,000 PSI of pump pressure to generate a 10-micron droplet that flash-evaporates, causing a significant drop in overall temperatures in the affected area.

Evaporative Cooling

Outside misting systems rely upon the concept of evaporative cooling, a thermodynamic process related to water and energy. For our systems, the energy from the sun causes the mist generated to evaporate rapidly. As it evaporates, it considerably decreases ambient, warmer temperatures in the air. Evaporative cooling created by our backyard and commercial misting systems helps spectators, visitors, and more enjoy outdoor venues, events, and activities – even on the hottest of days of the year.

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Why You Should Consider Our Outdoor Misting Stations

Advanced Misting Systems has been an innovative and leading supplier of misting systems for over two decades. Our company provides high-quality misting systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, including outdoor cooling. Below are just a few of the many reasons why our misting systems are an optimal choice for outdoor cooling:

Enjoy Your Favorite Outdoor Activity Regardless of Temperature

Mist cooling is an incredibly cost-effective and efficient method of cooling open outdoor spaces. Using evaporative cooling methods, our industry-leading misting systems can cool the outdoors by up to 30 degrees using ultrafine water droplets. The finer the mist, the faster it evaporates, providing an instant cooling effect. With a cooler outdoor temperature, you, your loved ones, guests, spectators, visitors, or whoever else can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities!

High-Quality and Dependable

Our cooling and misting stations are built to last. Our UV-treated flexible tubing and nozzles are highly dependable and resistant to wear and tear. They are also designed to quickly provide a cool, comfortable outdoor environment without detracting from the aesthetics of your facility, event space, or building. In addition, each misting kit is highly customizable to fit your specific cooling needs. As a result, our systems can help save money and provide a tremendous return on your investment.

Excellent Support

At Advanced Misting Systems, our team is highly committed to providing quality support and excellence. We help keep all of our misting systems operational by stocking the necessary parts and accessories. So whether your commercial misting system requires repair or you want to make improvements, we have what you need.

Misting Systems for Cooling Spectators and Visitors

As temperatures rise, so does the demand for cooling systems, such as misting fans or patio misting systems. At Advanced Misting Systems, we have a wide range of cooling alternatives and solutions that can help patrons of dozens of outdoor events, venues, or activities stay cool. Popular commercial applications for our outdoor misting systems include:

Sports Venues

Most sports venues around the world are outdoors or partially outdoors. This can result in scorching game days during summer sports. Installing outdoor misting systems can help keep everyone from the players and staff to spectators cooler, allowing them to enjoy the match even more!


Resorts and hotels often sell luxurious fantasies to their guests. However, during warmer months, these fantasies can be impaired by hot weather. With outdoor misting systems, the luxury and comfort of staying in a resort can be more secure, especially in outdoor settings like pools, bars, gardens, and restaurants.

Amusement Parks & Fairs

Amusement parks and fairs are favorites for traveling families during the summer. Sadly, these mostly outdoor environments can be sweltering and prevent families from making the most of their trip. Outdoor mist cooling systems help create cooler amusement parks and fairs for families to enjoy.

Outdoor Dining

In areas where it snows, the summer months provide the rare opportunity to dine outside. With outdoor misting systems, restaurant guests can enjoy the fresh air with their meal while staying cool.

TV & Film Sets

Outdoor TV and film sets are another space that can benefit from cooling. Working on a set can take hours over the course of a day. Thankfully, the cast and crew of a production can stay cool with an outdoor misting system.

Nearly Any Outdoor Activity & Setting

These are just a few of the many outdoor settings that can benefit from a misting station. Nearly any outdoor event, venue, or activity can benefit from the cooling power of misting systems, especially when the weather is warm.

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Misting stations are an ideal solution for guests, spectators, visitors, and more in various outdoor settings. Our commercial misting systems can provide these spaces with the cool air they need, especially during the summer months. Advanced Misting Systems designs, assembles, and installs high-quality misting systems and cooling fans for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, and sports applications. For more information on our cooling mist systems or to place an order, contact us today!

Outdoor Cooling For Your Patio

Looking for a way to decrease the sweltering summer heat so you can reclaim the use of your outdoor patio? Advanced Misting Systems has outdoor cooling systems for your to fit any price point. Making for summer socializing on the back patio not only an option but also very refreshing.

We offer a variety of options and kits to help you satisfy any price point and still achieve optimal outdoor cooling for your space.

Family, friends as well as pets can benefit from making the hot summers much more tolerable with a complete outdoor cooling system!

High Pressure Misting for Outdoor Cooling

Consider our high pressure misting system and at 1000 psi you have a fine mist of cooling power blanketing your outdoor area with a cooling mist that dissipates slowly but completely; not allowing for a build up of water in areas that could prove a hazard or build up and have water wear on your patio furniture. This high pressure outdoor cooling kit comes with tubing and pump options that cater to both your need for aesthetics and noise cancelling. These features are especially important in high visibility and high traffic areas. With the High Pressure Misting System you have outdoor cooling power that can reduce the outside temperatures by upwards of 30 degrees! This is a very welcome temperature reduction during the hottest days of summer!

Learn more about our High Pressure Misting System

Reign in the summer heat with an outdoor cooling system that can cool your outdoor space of upwards of 30 degrees!

Mid Pressure Outdoor Cooling System

If you have a medium sized backyard and are looking to maximize your budget by not spending a lot check out our Mid pressure outdoor cooling system. With 300 PSI and a lifespan of upwards of 25 + years you can cool your area with a fine mist. At 300 PSI the outdoor cooling mist leaves little to no residual moisture behind. Additional tubing types are available as well as a variety of lengths to ensure you have options for cooling your outdoor patio space perfectly.

Learn more about our budget friendly MID Pressure Outdoor Cooling system.

Entry Level and Lowest Budget Outdoor Cooling Units

These entry level and low budget options provide flexibility and affordability to cool small spaces or if you are just needing to get something very basic set up for the short term.

If you are looking for entry level systems or low pressure PSI outdoor cooling units – learn more about our low pressure cooling systems and garden host misting systems.

Expert Advice

Needing an expert opinion on how best to build and install your outdoor cooling system? Give us a call and speak with our resident expert! Mike has been in the business for over 25 years and endless hours of hands on experience with all of our outdoor cooling systems and patio misting. He will make expert recommendations on how to maximize the cooling effect for your unique patio needs.

Our Team

Advanced Misting Systems considers it an honor to be able to bring you quality outdoor cooling systems. It’s a further point of pride that our clients have a variety of options and price points. Our team are experts in helping you to realize the dream of reclaiming your backyard patio during the high heat of summer with your very own outdoor cooling system!

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restaurantmistingIt’s time to start thinking about summer cooling since in most cities, warmer weather is already here. specializes in high pressure mist systems for every environment and specialized applications. We have cooling solutions for basic patio spaces to the most complex cooling applications of which some question if it can be done. We have over 20 years in the misting industry, and the owner Mike Workman has been at the helm all 21 years. Not many misting companies can say that, and with that, comes experience.

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Why Heat Stress Rehab for Firefighters Saves Lives

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Firefighters work daily to save lives from fires, smoke inhalation and other imminent dangers, but in doing so, they put their own lives at risk. Even though fire officials are prepared through a series of physical tests, they still can suffer from heat stress while on the job. More firefighter cooling systems are now available to help restore core body temperatures to the desirable levels where heat stress symptoms are a lesser threat.

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How Misting Systems and Misting Fans Benefit Your Livestock Business

Your livestock business is very important to you. You have worked hard to establish a client base that uses you as a source for livestock product, whether those are the animals themselves or the items they produce, such as milk or eggs. So when there are products out there that both benefit you and your business, you need them to continue your business’ success and continuity.
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Promoting Products with Mist

Recently, Advanced Misting Systems was contacted by a national marketing firm to help design and fabricate a promotional display, incorporating mist, for use a outdoor cooling feature in amusement parks across the country for one of their biggest clients.

We were so excited to be a part of this process and the end result is fantastic.

Promotional Misting

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Five More Ways to Cool Off Fast!

Palm Springs and its nearby areas often break weather records with our soaring temperatures. All across the nation, everyone is desperate to find effective ways to cool off. A couple of weeks ago, Advanced Misting Systems, a Palm Desert-based cooling systems company recommended five tips to combat high heat, and we are continuing this list today with five more suggestions.

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