Year: 2015

The truth about misting systems in our water drought.

As of recent, the Coachella Valley Water District and other local water agencies are trying to enforce the reduction of water usage, asking us to cut back in many different ways.  They are not, however, concerned about High Pressure Misting Systems. This is due to the fact that Misting Systems use far less water then … Read more

How to Create a DIY Misting Fan

hydrate.yourselfNo matter where you are in the Southwest, chances are you still need some cooling relief. We just had Labor Day weekend, and the desert valleys of California and Arizona still met or exceeded the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark. These record breaking temperatures require high pressure misting systems to provide cooling relief and protect individuals from heat related illnesses.

Heat stress is still a major issue in the U.S., and regardless of how many times a post has been shared on social media, children, pets and adults still die from heat stress. Awareness is great, but some people still put lives at risk by leaving a child or pet unattended in a vehicle or even forcing workers to meet a certain threshold of productivity for outdoor related jobs in the blazing heat.

Those at most risk for heat exhaustion symptoms include:

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Why Heat Stress Rehab for Firefighters Saves Lives

Patricia Marks /

Firefighters work daily to save lives from fires, smoke inhalation and other imminent dangers, but in doing so, they put their own lives at risk. Even though fire officials are prepared through a series of physical tests, they still can suffer from heat stress while on the job. More firefighter cooling systems are now available to help restore core body temperatures to the desirable levels where heat stress symptoms are a lesser threat.

Heat stress is very dangerous, and if it is not properly diagnosed and assessed, it can lead to heat exhaustion and even death!

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Who Consumes the Most Water in California?

Some misting systems can actually use recycled water, making it easier than ever to stay cool while conserving water. While recent reports show that more residents are being smarter with water conservation, there is still a long way to go to conserve more water as a whole. The question remains – who is really using … Read more

Why Summer is Mist Season!

Well, its now summer everywhere, and it’s certainly mist season. It’s important to keep cool and hydrated during these long summer days, and with our help at Advanced Misting Systems, you can have that.

poultry misting systems

Misting was developed over 24 years ago to cool a Mexican restaurant in Palm Springs CA., and it worked well! Temps with misting can be reduced upwards of 30 degrees in the best conditions and about 10 degrees in high humid areas.

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How to Keep Horses and Livestock Comfortable in Summer Months

salt block - - ShutterstockKeeping your horse or livestock cool and comfortable during the summer is absolutely vital. When high ambient temperatures and humidity combine, body heat may accumulate faster than your horse can get rid of it. Barns and stables are typically enclosed to provide shelter for horses, but enclosed spaces without proper ventilation equipment can cause serious problems.

Horses are built to endure high temperatures and humidity levels, but, like humans, can easily fall prey to heat exhaustion if adequate temperature regulation is not provided.

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Advanced Systems Co. Mobile Misting Fan Trailers!

Advanced Systems Co. Mobile Misting Fan Trailers!

Excessive heat, gear and equipment can cause a firefighters’ core body temperature to reach 104 and Higher! Under such intense conditions, effective rehab is a must!

Firefighting is a tough job – work so physically intense that it demands every ounce of energy a firefighter can muster… and sometimes it takes it toll! Statistics show that most firefighter injuries are caused by physical stress resulting from prolonged exposure to heat.

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Control Dust and Odor

process dust suppression vegetable packingDust Suppression

With dust, especially silica dust gaining more focus from regulatory bodies, pressure is on process operators to keep dust down. Clearly the best solution is to avoid creating it or try to trap it at source.

Nevertheless, some processes do generate dust that cannot be trapped. It becomes airborne and must be suppressed.

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Helping Your Business Conserve Water with Misting Systems

Even as states like California implement strict water consumption restrictions due to drought, misting systems get a pass. Currently, there are no restrictions in place against residential or commercial misting systems, and for good reason. Not only do these cooling systems provide relief to stadium attendees, livestock businesses, outdoor shopping venues, and even patio diners at your local restaurant or bar, but they do so while conserving water.

DSC_5235 resizedWhile it seems counterintuitive that a system designed to spray water is a water-efficient source of cooling, misting systems or fans differ from gardening hoses due to the amount of pressure required to function.  The high water pressure moves droplets of water through the nozzles, rather than allowing a stream of water to escape. The typical misting line kit uses much less water to cool an entire outdoor event than the typical homeowner uses to water their lawn.

Some of the cooling solutions from Advanced Misting Systems even recycle water, allowing business and homeowners to keep their guests cool while conserving water. It is estimated that a cloud of mist or a portable evaporative cooler can actually reduce the temperature by 10 to 30 degrees, depending on the cooling system type and size, and is a great defense against heat stress.

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Negative effects heat has on horses!

JetStream 1600 reducing heat stress  Evaporative cooling in agricultural applications: Cool animals and stables for cents a day Cool feeding areas, barns, stables, production areas and more for a fraction of traditional cooling costs. Create tunnel ventilation to cool barns and enclosed areas. Operates on tap water and 220v of electricity. Environmentally-friendly, emits no harmful … Read more