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Top 3 Benefits of a Patio Misting System That Make it Worth the Investment

Patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems offer our customers multiple benefits for their favorite outdoor spaces. However, just the top three benefits of owning an outdoor mist cooling system make them worth the investment for residential or commercial properties. Read on to learn more about how patio misting systems work and how these systems can help create a unique and inviting atmosphere that will make your outdoor space more enjoyable to use.

How do Patio Misting Systems Work?

Outdoor misting systems can be a terrific method for staying cool during the hot summer months. With a patio misting system, a pump pushes water throughout misting lines and through a series of nozzles, where it is distributed into the air as mist. When the mist encounters the warmer air and sunlight, it quickly evaporates. As a result, it leaves the air in the area cooler – sometimes up to 15 to 30 degrees cooler. Because of the speed at which this cooling process occurs, you are unlikely to come into direct contact with water vapor. Therefore, you, your clothes, and anything you put in a misting system area will not become soaking wet.

Pool area commercial outdoor patio misting system

Top 3 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Misting System

If you’ve been considering a patio misting system for your home or business, you may be wondering if it’s worth the investment. The best way to determine that is to review the top three benefits of owning a high-quality outdoor mist cooling system from Advanced Misting Systems. These benefits include:

#1. Efficient Cooling

When the temperatures outside start to rise, the last thing you, your loved ones, or your customers want to do is spend time outside on a patio or any other outdoor space. However, with a patio misting system installed, the outdoors can be enjoyed without feeling an excess of summer heat. The mist generated by one of our outdoor cooling systems will help cool the area down, making it an ideal way to beat the heat and enjoy outdoor spaces more often.

#2. Insect Control

Patio misting systems are excellent for helping manage warmer temperatures. However, they can also help manage pests in outdoor areas as well. The mist generated by an outdoor mist cooling system makes it more difficult for bugs, such as bees, wasps, dragonflies, and mosquitoes, to fly through. As a result, these kinds of pests are less likely to bother those enjoying outdoor spaces with misting systems. By installing a high-quality patio misting system, you can help keep your loved ones or guests cooler and less bothered by insects.

#3. Improved Air Quality

Patio misting systems can effectively improve the general air quality in and around an outdoor area. This is because the mist created by these systems raises the humidity levels in a space. As a result, allergens, like dust, pollen, and more, have increased difficulty when moving through the air. This ultimately helps make the air in areas affected by a patio misting system of a higher, healthier quality.

The humid air created by outdoor misting systems can also reduce the spread of foul odors on a patio or other outdoor areas. So not only is the air affected by a patio misting system likely of higher quality, but it is also more likely to smell better.

Why Choose Advanced Misting Systems?

Advanced Misting Systems is a leading provider of high-quality outdoor mist cooling systems. We offer a variety of options to help fit our customers’ unique misting and cooling needs. In addition, our systems are easy to install and use.

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Patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems can provide nearly any outdoor space with various benefits. The top 3 benefits of installing a patio misting system include efficient and effective cooling, insect control, and improved air quality. With our outdoor mist cooling systems, you can get more enjoyment out of your patio or any other outdoor area, even on the warmest days of summer.

With more than two decades of experience, Advanced Misting Systems can assist consumers in identifying the most appropriate cooling solution for their specific needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to help you with additional information about our products and services at your convenience. Contact us today for more details about patio misting systems or to get a quote!

Sports Misting Systems

Advanced Misting Systems sells a wide range of low, medium, and high-pressure sports misting systems for commercial and personal outdoor sporting events, venues, and facilities. Our sports misting systems and kits can assist in keeping outdoor sports areas cooler and more comfortable for players and spectators alike. At Advanced Misting Systems, we offer a variety of installable and portable options for high-quality mist cooling. We can help find the right mist cooling system to fit your needs!

Why Choose Advanced Misting Systems?

Over the last two decades, Advanced Misting Systems has gathered a vast amount of expertise around misting systems and other, similar cooling technology. As a result, you, your team, or your spectators can all benefit from our broad product expertise and industry experience when working with us to find a sports misting system that fits your unique needs.

Advanced Misting Systems provides a variety of easy-to-install outdoor sports misting systems that use standard tap water pressure. Our mist pumps utilize a force of up to 1000 psi to produce an ultra-fine mist that rapidly cools outdoor spaces, including sporting areas, without making them soggy or uncomfortable. When used in ideal conditions, misting systems can reduce the temperature of an area by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit or by 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in high humidity.

Our sports misting kits are available for large and small sporting events, areas, and facilities. These systems can be installed at strategic locations throughout a playing field or facility to help cool players and spectators, even on the hottest summer days. We also offer fan mister and portable line system kits that are all pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

If anything goes wrong with your outdoor misting system, visit our accessories section for parts and accessories, such as nozzle heads, wiring, brackets, and mist pumps. We do our best to keep our misting system parts in stock. Plus, all of our parts and accessories are easy to install! This helps ensure that you always have what you need to keep your system working, especially during the scorching summer.

staying active and cool in the summer

Why Our Sports Cooling Systems are Necessary

Participating in or spectating a sporting event during the warmer months of the year can be more than just uncomfortable; it can also be dangerous. During hot, sunny days, there is an increased risk of potentially suffering from a heat stroke or other heat-related illnesses. Hot weather can affect even the most physically fit people, especially those who participate in sports or exercise in it.

To help prevent heatstroke and other heat-related illnesses, sports managers and facilities can install outdoor misting systems to help ensure that adequate cooling is provided to players and spectators. As a result, sporting events can be a cooler, more comfortable, and safer place for everyone to enjoy.

Sports Misting Systems for Different Occasions

Sports misting systems are a popular addition for a variety of sports spaces and settings, including spring training baseball, spectator seating areas, patios, venue food courts and stadium eateries, sidelines, player benches, dugouts, and more! Thanks to our vast selection of cooling equipment and detailed instructions, setting up sports misting systems has never been easier. At Advanced Misting Systems, we offer cooling solutions for nearly any outdoor sporting space or facility and budget. In addition, we offer misting trailer fans, evaporative coolers, and a variety of other lightweight and highly efficient portable cooling devices.

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Advanced Misting Systems provides high-quality mist cooling systems, such as our sports misting systems, to help keep outdoor areas cooler and more comfortable. Since so many sports are played in warmer outdoor environments, sports spaces, venues, and facilities are ideal places for misting systems. Installing a sports misting system from Advanced Misting Systems can help keep players, patrons, and more cooler and help avoid heat-related illnesses. Contact us today to learn more about our sports misting systems, get a quote, or inquire about our local installations in San Clemente, California and the surrounding areas!

A Backyard Patio Misting System Perfect for Fourth of July Outdoor Entertaining

Backyard patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems can help keep outdoor temperatures cooler, even on warmer holidays like the Fourth of July. For more than two decades, Advanced Misting Systems has been at the forefront of selling various mist cooling systems in the United States. We provide a wide selection of easy-to-install outdoor misting systems that generate up to 1000 psi of pressure and create an ultra-fine mist that swiftly cools spaces by up to 20 degrees without drenching them with water.

The Fourth of July is one of the most social holidays of the year in The United States. Families and friends typically gather in backyards to share stories, food, drinks, play lawn games, and watch fireworks. But this revered American holiday can be uncomfortable if temperatures are high, especially if there is no backyard swimming pool to provide cooling comfort. One of the best solutions to help provide much-needed cooling during this warmer holiday is to install a high-quality backyard patio misting system from Advanced Misting Systems.

Features and Benefits of Using Our Backyard Patio Misting Systems for Your Outdoor Fourth of July Event

Outdoor mist cooling systems from Advanced Misting Systems provide our customers with several features and benefits, including:

Energy Efficient

Our low-pressure misting systems do not require a tremendous amount of power to operate. In fact, low to mid-pressure misting pumps consume as little as 60 watts of electricity, which is equivalent to a standard household light bulb. As a result, our backyard patio misting systems are incredibly energy-efficient, making them a cost-effective method of cooling outdoor spaces.

Lower the Overall Temperature Outdoors by up to 20 Degrees

Consistent exposure to heat and direct sunshine can be harmful to a person’s health, especially on a summer afternoon. Backyard misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems can transform conventional tap water into an ultra-fine mist that reduces outdoor temperatures as it evaporates. This process can cool a space by up to 20 degrees in some settings. So if you enjoy spending time outside during the summer, especially on the Fourth of July, purchasing a backyard patio misting system is an excellent decision to help ensure you and your guests can enjoy a cooler, safer celebration.

misting systems for residential use

Better Outdoor Air Quality

In addition to significantly cooling outdoor spaces, a backyard patio misting kit can also improve the air quality in its affected area. The minuscule water droplets created by a misting system can clean the air in two significant ways. Airborne dust, smoke particles, allergens, and many other contaminants cannot move as effectively through mist, so using a misting system can help slow the spread of these contaminants in outdoor spaces. Many of these air contaminants can also be absorbed by mist, which can weigh them down and take them out of the air. In either scenario, mist generated by a backyard patio misting system can help make the air in an outdoor space cleaner and of a higher quality for breathing.

Return on Investment

While there is an initial investment required for a DIY misting system, this cost is quickly offset by the inherent benefits. At Advanced Misting Systems, our mist cooling systems are reasonably priced. In addition, our misting systems are cost-effective to own and operate; all they require is minimal power and a water source. This makes them a great return on investment as opposed to other outdoor cooling systems that are often more costly to own and operate.

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Backyard patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems are an optimal cooling solution for outdoor entertaining, especially during summer holidays like the Fourth of July. Our mist cooling systems are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and even help in creating better outdoor air quality. With our misting systems, you can efficiently and effectively help keep your family and friends cooler all summer long. Contact us today for more information on our backyard patio misting systems or to get a quote!

Benefits of Using an Outdoor Misting System in Your Backyard

The high-quality outdoor misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems provide homeowners with numerous benefits when used in a backyard. You’ll be amazed at how much a misting system can improve your favorite outdoor areas – not to mention how it can drastically improve the temperature!

With Advanced Misting Systems, purchasing and installing an outdoor mist cooling system in your backyard is a breeze. Our team has over two decades of experience in the cooling industry and can help identify the most appropriate solution for residential or commercial needs. Our misting systems, fans, evaporative coolers, and other similar devices are affordable, high-quality, and easy to install by both professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

Mist cooling systems are used in outdoor settings to cool the surrounding air and provide a more refreshing outdoor experience. However, the mist generated from them can also prevent dust, pollen, and other particles from settling and spreading in the air. Typically, outdoor mist cooling systems are standalone or suspended from a canopy over a patio, deck, or other outdoor areas.

To operate, a misting system pump uses pressurized water to create a fine mist, which is dispersed through misting lines and nozzles. This mist fills the surrounding space with tiny water droplets. As the droplets evaporate in sunlight, they help remove heat from their surroundings. This is due to a process called evaporative cooling. Ultimately, this helps create a refreshing and cooling effect for those in the mist’s affected area.

Benefits of Using a Misting System in Your Backyard

backyard with a patio misting system installed

Enjoy The Outdoors Even in Hot Weather

For many of us, summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors. But this isn’t always the case if you live in a warmer area. For example, temperatures can soar to triple digits during the summer months in many parts of The United States. Thankfully, there is a solution for wanting to enjoy your backyard while avoiding the blistering heat, even in the summer.

By installing a high-quality misting system from Advanced Misting Systems, you can help reduce the heat in backyard spaces. Our mist cooling systems are easy to install and operate. In addition, they can use standard tap water to generate a pressure of up to 1000 psi for high-pressure mist. This helps create an ultra-fine mist that causes an immediate temperature reduction without leaving outdoor areas damp or uncomfortable. Our outdoor misting systems can lead to a temperature reduction of up to 30 degrees in some cases, helping you and your family enjoy your backyard during the summer.

Avoid Heat-Related Health Risks

Sadly, the high heat of summer can lead to several health risks for healthy and unhealthy individuals. However, you can enjoy the outdoors, even in hotter weather, by installing our high-end outdoor misting systems. Our mist systems can help lower temperatures by up to 30 degrees in some settings. This helps ensure vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations are better protected from heatstroke and other heat-related risks.

Reduce Dust, Pollen, and Other Particles

Backyard misting systems can do more than help control heat in certain outdoor areas. They can also help in combating airborne allergens. The mist produced by our mist cooling system does not allow for airborne allergens, like dust, pollen, and others, to settle or move as freely in misted areas. As a result, our mist systems can help improve air quality.

Help Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Outdoor misting systems are a great way to eliminate foul odors from your backyard. The millions of tiny water droplets released by our mist cooling systems help stop odor-causing particles from moving through the air. In doing so, our backyard misting systems can help reduce offensive odors.

Ready to Order?

Turn to Advanced Misting Systems for high-quality outdoor misting systems for your backyard. Our mist cooling systems come with numerous benefits, including reducing overall temperatures, dust, pollen, and even unpleasant odors. Our backyard misting systems are affordable and easy to install. With products from Advanced Misting Systems, you will be delighted with your backyard cooling solution. Contact us for more information or to get a quote!

Why an Outdoor Misting Fan is the Best Gift to Give This Summer

An outdoor misting fan from Advanced Misting Systems is one of the best gifts you can give this summer. Outdoor misting fans can radically transform a space and come with multiple benefits. They can help keep you cool on unbearably hot days, help keep bugs and other pests away, and increase the humidity, creating a cooler space.

Before we go over the details on why a misting fan can make a great summer gift, let’s start with the basics!

What is an Outdoors Misting Fan?

An outdoor misting fan is a type of fan that uses a misting system to cool down the air around it. The misting system works by using a pump to push water through a series of nozzles. The water then turns into a fine mist that is blown out by the fan.

Misting fans operate by utilizing a process called evaporative cooling. The fan propels a tiny mist of water into the air. This fine mist evaporates far more quickly than water droplets. By the time it reaches your skin, the mist fully disintegrates and absorbs heat from the air in the process.

As a result, misting fans can cool the air around them by 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit without drenching you. However, the degree of cooling depends on the size of the fan and the fineness of the mist it creates.

Why is An Outdoor Misting Fan a Great Summer Gift?

We all know how hot it can get during the summer months. The sun beats down on us mercilessly, making the heat unbearable at times. That’s why an outdoor misting fan is a great idea! It’s an efficient way to keep cool when the temperature outside is soaring.

An outdoor misting fan works by creating a fine mist that cools the air around you. Best of all, these systems are relatively inexpensive to own and operate. So if you’re looking for an effective way to beat the heat this summer, an outdoor misting fan is the way to go!

Benefits of Outdoor Misting Fans

Outdoor misting fans come with numerous benefits for their owners and operators, including:

Energy Efficiency

Outdoor misting systems have been known to be more energy-efficient than conventional air conditioning systems. Even the most enormous misting fans use less than 300 watts of electricity compared to air conditioners, which often use up to 900 watts. Because of this excellent efficiency, you can enjoy the comfort of chilling an exterior space without concern for electricity waste.

Effective Cooling

Every year, a large number of people suffer from the oppressive heat of summer. Individuals who spend excessive time outside are most vulnerable to the heat. Dehydration, stroke, and even death can occur if extreme heat is not appropriately controlled. This is especially true for those who are most vulnerable, such as the elderly and babies.

With our revolutionary outdoor misting system, you will be able to worry less about the dangers of severe heat and heat stroke. Fans from Advanced Misting Systems create a comfortable mist that evaporates instantaneously upon contact with the air. This has the cumulative effect of lowering the temperatures by up to 15 degrees, helping to keep you cool even on the hottest summer days.

If you’re looking for an awesome summer gift to give, an outdoor misting fan should be at the top of the list!

Reduce Dust, Pollen, and Other Irritants

An outdoor misting fan is ideal for locations with a high concentration of dust and pollen. Misting fans can enhance overall air quality by helping to remove dust, pollen, and odor-causing particles from the air.

Outdoor misting fans can also help reduce the number of insects and bugs, such as mosquitoes and wasps, in your outdoor space. The mist created by one of these fans discourages insects from flying through it, which can help make your outdoor space safer and more comfortable for you to enjoy.

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Outdoor misting fans from Advanced Misting Systems are excellent summer gifts. They can help reduce the overall temperature of your yard, patio, or outdoor commercial property by up to 15 degrees in hot summer months. They are also energy efficient and can help reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and other allergens in the air.

Advanced Misting Systems is the best choice for your business. For over two decades, we’ve helped consumers all around the country find the right cooling solution to fit their needs. Contact us for a quote or more information!

Commercial Fog Cooling System for Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts

Advanced Misting Systems is a provider of high-quality, commercial fog cooling systems for a variety of outdoor applications. For many commercial businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, and resorts, the customer experience is the highest priority. In many cases, this includes keeping patrons cool and comfortable, even in hot outdoor environments. One of the most innovative ways to safely achieve cooler, more comfortable outdoor spaces is to invest in commercial fog cooling systems.

Restaurant misting system

What Are Fog Cooling Systems?

Fog cooling is a method of cooling that employs the usage of a machine to produce a fine mist and circulate it around a given space. The water droplets in the fog absorb the heat in the air and cool their surroundings. However, the process of a fogging system is similar to that of a traditional mist system. A mechanized pump is used to raise the water pressure by up to 1000 PSI. This water is then directed through specific high-pressure stainless steel lines. Special nozzles are employed to drive water through minuscule openings and into contact with the air. When water vaporizes in contact with warm air, it condenses into a dense fog that rolls across the area, cooling it. This fog creates an aesthetically pleasing, otherworldly effect, and it also serves to cool the air as it moves through the area.

Fogging systems improve the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space while also keeping the area cool. The density of the fog can be adjusted with the included triple or single head adapters, and memory tubing inserts direct the spray precisely where you want it, without soaking your guests. For the best effects, simply connect our high-pressure compression fittings and flexible nylon tubing to our risers to build a fogging system.

commercial fog system installation

Why Hotels, Restaurants, and Resorts Need Outdoor Fogging Systems

Hospitality establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, and resorts, have one thing in common: they prioritize the comfort of their guests. If your commercial business is located in a warmer climate, keeping guests cool while outdoors is challenging, especially during the summer. In recent years, many businesses have turned to commercial fog cooling systems from Advanced Misting Systems. These are the reasons why:

Keep Guests Cool While Outdoors

Most hotel guests will use the pool during their stay. But during the scorching summer months, spending extended time outdoors around a pool can be uncomfortable and even pose heat-related health risks for guests, especially young children and the elderly. One of the best ways of lowering the overall temperatures of a hotel pool or patio area is to install a commercial fog cooling system. Fog cooling will help keep these areas cooler, allowing guests to maximize their experience.

Improve the Aesthetics of the Outdoor Patio Area

When combined with misting systems, immersions, LEDs, and other ambient lights, fog cooling systems can provide an awe-inspiring, mystical effect for guests. As a result, the popularity and demand for this effect has grown increasingly in hotels, restaurants, resort bars, pool areas, and other outside leisure areas.

Create depth in your outdoor space by installing a fog misting system in the following areas:

  • Resort pools and cabanas
  • Resort bars and restaurants
  • Restaurant patios and outdoor seating areas
  • Common areas where people gather
  • Entertainment spaces
  • Rooftop or seaside lounges
  • Any outdoor space where guests need to be cool and comfortable

Improve Guest Experience

Hotels, restaurants, and resorts are constantly striving to make their guests’ stays unforgettable. Installing a fog cooling system is one of the finest ways to accomplish this. Not only do fog cooling systems make the outdoors more inviting during the warmer months, but the dramatic aesthetics created by a fog cooling system can also make for a memorable experience.

Need More Information?

Commercial fog cooling systems from Advanced Misting Systems are among the most striking and effective methods of cooling outdoor spaces. However, the fog created by these systems can do more than just make warmer outdoor spaces cooler and more comfortable; it can also captivate guests at hotels, restaurants, and resorts, potentially leaving them with a lasting memory. Our commercial fog cooling systems are among the most innovative cooling systems on the market. To place an order or learn more about fog cooling, please contact us today!

Backyard Patio Misting Systems Can Be the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

This Fathers’ Day, surprise your father, husband, or special loved one with an easy-to-install patio misting kit from Advanced Misting Systems. Our backyard patio misting systems can be the perfect gift for the special dad in your life!

Most dads enjoy spending time in the backyard, whether it’s firing up the grill, gardening, playing sports, or relaxing with a cup of coffee. But unfortunately, spending time outdoors is not always possible, especially during the hot summer months. Being outdoors during the scorching heat of summer can even be dangerous to a dad’s health! Fortunately, our outside misting systems can reduce the temperature in an area of his yard by up to 20 degrees.

Advanced Misting Systems

Based in San Clemente, California, Advanced Misting Systems has been recognized as a leader in selling nationally and installing locally advanced outdoor mist cooling systems for the last two decades. Our company carries high quality outdoor misting fans, dust control systems, odor control misting systems, and cooling fans to meet the needs of our customers. Our mist cooling systems use the same 1000 psi mist pumps that are used in all our top-performing kits and cooling fog fans. We also offer numerous other cooling technologies, such as evaporative coolers, outdoor cooling fans, and swamp coolers.

How Can Our Backyard Patio Misting Systems Help?

While summer is generally recognized as a time to spend hours outdoors, it can pose potentially serious health risks if outdoor temperatures are excessively high. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there has been a significant uptick in the number of heat-related hospitalizations in the last decade. This is primarily caused by spending prolonged time outdoors in hot temperatures. However, with a backyard patio misting system, the loving father in your life can more safely enjoy his time in the yard with friends and family or all by himself.

How Does it Work?

The backyard patio misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems use cutting-edge technology that comprises small spray nozzles connected to powerful pumps via water supply lines. A high-pressure pump then sends highly pressured water through the nozzles to create a fine mist that cools the surrounding area through a process called evaporative cooling.

patio misting system install

Why Choose Our Misting Systems?

Our misting kits can provide your father or father-figure with several benefits when properly installed in a backyard area, including:

More Comfortable Outdoor Space and Preventing Heat-Related Health Risks

A patio misting system can quickly lower temperatures by up to 20 degrees. This allows your dad to use his patio as an extension of his indoor living space, even in the warmer summer months. Our kits come complete with all the parts and accessories you need to set up and cool down quickly, making outdoor living safer from heat-related health risks and more comfortable.

Reducing Allergens & Pests

The fine mist produced by our high-quality misting systems can lower the number of allergens in the air in misted areas. This includes preventing the spread of dust mites and pollen, reducing allergy symptoms. Our mist cooling systems are also efficient as an insect repellant.

Easy to Set Up

Want to surprise your dad with a unique gift that is easy to set up? Our backyard patio misting systems come with easy instructions, including all the parts and accessories required for setup. This helps ensure he is not spending all day trying to figure out how to get everything up and running.


Our backyard patio misting systems provide the best alternative to cool your backyard without breaking the bank! We stock a wide variety of misting kits and accessories to fit your unique needs and budget.

Ready to Order a Fantastic Father’s Day Gift?

Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a backyard patio misting system from Advanced Misting Systems. Our outdoor cooling mist systems can help transform his favorite outdoor space into a cooler and more comfortable environment, especially during the summer. With one of our efficient and effective misting systems, he can enjoy more of his favorite outdoor activities, such as grilling, watching TV, playing catch, entertaining, and more! Contact us today to place an order and speak with one of our helpful staff!

Misting Stations are Perfect for Cooling Spectators & Visitors Down in Summer

An outdoor misting system from Advanced Misting Systems can be an ideal addition to any outdoor venue, event, or activity in need of cooling down spectators, visitors, or any other group of people. Despite the heat, summer is almost always a great time to enjoy outdoor events and activities like sports, sporting events, festivals, and more. Sadly, extreme heat can make spectating or enjoying an outdoor event uncomfortable. In some cases, it can be downright dangerous to a person’s health and well-being. Fortunately, outdoor misting stations from Advanced Misting Systems can help keep people cool, even on the hottest days of summer.

How Do Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems Work?

The industrial misting fans and misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems are ideal for various high-heat outdoor activities, events, and venues. Our misting systems consist of a high-tech pump connected to stainless steel tubes and nozzles, which release an ultra-fine mist of clean water into the atmosphere. Our misting pumps and motors are among the most efficient on the market today. They use 1,000 PSI of pump pressure to generate a 10-micron droplet that flash-evaporates, causing a significant drop in overall temperatures in the affected area.

Evaporative Cooling

Outside misting systems rely upon the concept of evaporative cooling, a thermodynamic process related to water and energy. For our systems, the energy from the sun causes the mist generated to evaporate rapidly. As it evaporates, it considerably decreases ambient, warmer temperatures in the air. Evaporative cooling created by our backyard and commercial misting systems helps spectators, visitors, and more enjoy outdoor venues, events, and activities – even on the hottest of days of the year.

residential patio missing system

Why You Should Consider Our Outdoor Misting Stations

Advanced Misting Systems has been an innovative and leading supplier of misting systems for over two decades. Our company provides high-quality misting systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, including outdoor cooling. Below are just a few of the many reasons why our misting systems are an optimal choice for outdoor cooling:

Enjoy Your Favorite Outdoor Activity Regardless of Temperature

Mist cooling is an incredibly cost-effective and efficient method of cooling open outdoor spaces. Using evaporative cooling methods, our industry-leading misting systems can cool the outdoors by up to 30 degrees using ultrafine water droplets. The finer the mist, the faster it evaporates, providing an instant cooling effect. With a cooler outdoor temperature, you, your loved ones, guests, spectators, visitors, or whoever else can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities!

High-Quality and Dependable

Our cooling and misting stations are built to last. Our UV-treated flexible tubing and nozzles are highly dependable and resistant to wear and tear. They are also designed to quickly provide a cool, comfortable outdoor environment without detracting from the aesthetics of your facility, event space, or building. In addition, each misting kit is highly customizable to fit your specific cooling needs. As a result, our systems can help save money and provide a tremendous return on your investment.

Excellent Support

At Advanced Misting Systems, our team is highly committed to providing quality support and excellence. We help keep all of our misting systems operational by stocking the necessary parts and accessories. So whether your commercial misting system requires repair or you want to make improvements, we have what you need.

Misting Systems for Cooling Spectators and Visitors

As temperatures rise, so does the demand for cooling systems, such as misting fans or patio misting systems. At Advanced Misting Systems, we have a wide range of cooling alternatives and solutions that can help patrons of dozens of outdoor events, venues, or activities stay cool. Popular commercial applications for our outdoor misting systems include:

Sports Venues

Most sports venues around the world are outdoors or partially outdoors. This can result in scorching game days during summer sports. Installing outdoor misting systems can help keep everyone from the players and staff to spectators cooler, allowing them to enjoy the match even more!


Resorts and hotels often sell luxurious fantasies to their guests. However, during warmer months, these fantasies can be impaired by hot weather. With outdoor misting systems, the luxury and comfort of staying in a resort can be more secure, especially in outdoor settings like pools, bars, gardens, and restaurants.

Amusement Parks & Fairs

Amusement parks and fairs are favorites for traveling families during the summer. Sadly, these mostly outdoor environments can be sweltering and prevent families from making the most of their trip. Outdoor mist cooling systems help create cooler amusement parks and fairs for families to enjoy.

Outdoor Dining

In areas where it snows, the summer months provide the rare opportunity to dine outside. With outdoor misting systems, restaurant guests can enjoy the fresh air with their meal while staying cool.

TV & Film Sets

Outdoor TV and film sets are another space that can benefit from cooling. Working on a set can take hours over the course of a day. Thankfully, the cast and crew of a production can stay cool with an outdoor misting system.

Nearly Any Outdoor Activity & Setting

These are just a few of the many outdoor settings that can benefit from a misting station. Nearly any outdoor event, venue, or activity can benefit from the cooling power of misting systems, especially when the weather is warm.

Contact Us for More Information

Misting stations are an ideal solution for guests, spectators, visitors, and more in various outdoor settings. Our commercial misting systems can provide these spaces with the cool air they need, especially during the summer months. Advanced Misting Systems designs, assembles, and installs high-quality misting systems and cooling fans for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, and sports applications. For more information on our cooling mist systems or to place an order, contact us today!

How Outdoor Misting Systems Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Our high-end outdoor misting systems can help improve your quality of life during the summer by creating a cooler and more comfortable environment.

While your patio may be a favored area to relax or spend quality time with family and friends, that space may not be practical to use during the hot summer months. That’s why customers across the nation are turning to Advanced Misting Systems.

backyard misting next to pool

How Do Outdoor Misting Systems Work?

In many places across the United States, summer can be brutal, and staying cool can be challenging. For the longest time, most people have relied on fans and swamp coolers to cool their outdoor environment. Unfortunately, these methods are highly inadequate in terms of decreasing temperatures. Thankfully, there is a solution: outdoor misting systems.

Outdoor misting systems work on the premise of evaporative cooling. This principle dictates that water can absorb substantial heat during the transition from a liquid to a gaseous state. Outdoor misting systems consist of water supply tubing with spray nozzles evenly spaced along the length of an outdoor area. This system is typically attached to a structure that is higher up, such as a roof, outdoor patio enclosure or pergola. An external water source, like a garden hose or a faucet, is connected to the supply tube. Then, a built-in pump releases an ultra-fine mist through the nozzles that immediately cools an area without leaving it moist or uncomfortable.

How Can an Outdoor Misting System Enhance the Quality of Your Life?

Enjoy Your Patio and Outdoors All Summer Long

Without an outdoor cooling system, one must wait until the summer temperatures decrease to enjoy their favorite outdoor spaces. In some instances, people will defer their outdoor activities until later in the evening after sunset or when the sun is setting. With an outdoor misting system, it is possible to lower the overall temperature of some areas by up to 30 degrees. This creates an opportunity to spend more time outdoors with friends and family during the day.

Help Avoid Heat-Related Health Issues

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 600 people die in the United States each year due to extreme heat and heat-related illnesses, such as heatstroke. This generally occurs during the summer months with above-average temperatures and high humidity levels. One way to help prevent the risk of heatstroke is with an outdoor misting system that generates an ultra-fine mist. This cooling mist can help immediately lower an environment’s temperature and help people avoid the heat.

Allergy, Dust, & Pollen Control

In addition to excess heat, summer is a time when there is a lot of dust, pollen, and other allergens in the air. These airborne materials can make life miserable for those with allergies. One of the lesser-known advantages of outdoor patio misting systems is their ability to reduce airborne dust, pollen, and allergens. As a result, those with seasonal allergies can enjoy outdoor areas covered by a misting system without as much sneezing, watery eyes, a runny nose, or other allergic reactions.

Energy Efficiency

Outdoor misting systems consume significantly less energy than other cooling apparatuses. Compared to an outdoor air conditioner, misting systems consume considerably less water and energy. This enables you to maintain a more comfortable outdoor temperature while saving money on your utility expenses. With an outdoor misting system, you may enjoy classic outdoor summer activities, such as entertaining family and friends, without breaking the bank.

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Ask About Our DIY Install Options

When it comes to installing our outdoor misting systems, the difficulty level is relatively modest. For DIY die-hards, our systems come in a DIY kit that contains everything you need for an installation. Soon you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy your cooler outdoor area in no time. Operating the system is equally simple as well. A hose connecting to the side of the house may regulate the water coming into the misting systems.

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Outdoor misting systems can make outdoor areas cooler and much more habitable during the warm summer months. In doing so, misting systems can increase your overall quality of life. If you have questions or are ready to place an order for a high-quality outdoor misting system, contact us at Advanced Misting Systems today!

Commercial Misting Systems for Cooling

For decades, a large number of enterprises in tropical or subtropical climates have recognized the value of investing in commercial misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems for cooling. Outdoor venue operators are constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep their spaces cool, and one such method is to employ a misting system. Restaurants, outdoor office patios, car shops, garden venues, theme parks, playgrounds, and farms are a few examples of these.

Advanced Misting Systems has been a market leader in selling and locally installing high-quality misting systems for commercial applications for over two decades. During that time, misting systems have come a long way technologically. An internal engine uses numerous pressured tubes loaded with tiny water droplets ranging from five millimeters to 50 microns to create a fine mist. A pressure of at least 500 pounds per square inch (PSI) is required to develop these-sized droplets, as anything fewer results in larger droplets with a lesser cooling effect. One thousand pounds per square inch is the industrial standard pressure.

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Business Patio Misting Systems

When it comes to commercial misting systems, there is no better evaporative cooling option than Advanced Misting Systems’ misters and cooling fans. This is especially the case if your business operates an outdoor patio. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, or entertainment arcade, our misting technology can keep your guests, and customers cool during the hot summer months. Even in places where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees, our commercial patio misters allow your customers to enjoy your outdoor venue.

The effectiveness of our misting systems is hardly unexpected, given our cutting-edge technologies. Our commercial cooling misters are outfitted with a 1,000-psi pump system that produces flash evaporation with no residual moisture. This can cool any place by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing your guests to enjoy their visit even during the sweltering summer months.

Industrial Misting Systems

Our industrial misters and cooling fans are high-quality solutions that will keep your customers and employees cool and comfortable even in intense temperatures. They are perfect for industrial applications since they can produce up to six tons of evaporative cooling mist per fan. The high-pressure pumps spray a fine mist in front of the fans, absorbing heat quickly and giving cooled, comfortable air.

We can create an extraordinarily thin mist that significantly cools the air without leaving it moist or humid by combining stainless steel tubing, fog and mist nozzles, and our cutting-edge pump modules. Our high-quality commercial cooling fans are ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • Livestock & Animal Cooling Systems
  • Military Cooling Systems
  • Movie Set Cooling Systems
  • Odor Control
  • Oil Field Cooling Systems
  • Patio Misting Systems
  • Event Cooling & More

We also provide low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings and other professional mister supplies and accessories for even more unique cooling options. With evaporative cooling misters from Advanced Misting Systems, the outdoor cooling options for your needs are virtually limitless. Need parts and accessories? No problem!

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Flexible Solutions

Our systems are highly adaptable, allowing us to provide a solution for any outdoor business. Upon request, more elaborate cooling is available; we have a 30-foot 1000 PSI system available for more intensive applications. From 30 to 20 feet, temperatures might drop by as much as 30 degrees, depending on the situation. There is a mid-pressure (300 PSI) unit available, which is perfect for daily business operations with an outdoor patio and can drop temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

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For even better cooling alternatives, we also offer low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings, as well as other professional mister supplies and accessories. The outdoor cooling possibilities for your commercial needs are nearly infinite with evaporative cooling misters from Advanced Misting Systems.

If you want to provide outstanding service to your team, visitors or clients with our commercial outdoor misting systems or business misting fans, give us a call at (760) 779-1352 or contact us online today to receive FREE delivery on orders over $100!