Misting Systems for Odor & Dust Control for Dumps and Waste Processing Facilities

At Advanced Misting Systems, we supply a wide variety of mist, fog, and evaporative cooling options that can help control the spread of odors and dust, which can be beneficial in numerous environments, including dumps and waste processing facilities in the United States. Our misting systems and more are made in the U.S. from high-quality materials, making them ideal for installation in industrial spaces. By working with us at Advanced Misting Systems, we can help identify an efficient misting solution that can help control the movement of odors, dust, and other particles in the air. 

Why Install a Misting System for Odor & Dust Control?

Misting systems are incredibly efficient and effective machines. They can provide indoor, outdoor, or partially outdoor areas on residential and commercial properties with quick cooling. However, this is not the only benefit they offer: these systems can also help control the spread of particles in the air, including dust particles and odorous particles

Dust and odors can be controlled by misting systems because of the humid air they create. As the mist from one of these systems enters the air, it adds significant moisture. Although much of the mist they generate evaporates and creates a cooler space as a result, many of the mist particles in the air will attach themselves to other airborne particles, like dust particles and odor-causing particles. Once attached, the water particles in the air weigh the other airborne particles down, dropping them and eventually releasing them on or around the ground. In doing so, misting systems help keep dust and odors out of the misted air and away not only from people working in the mist but from escaping dumps and waste processing facilities. 

Overall, our misting systems help create more comfortable spaces as well as barriers that are less likely to allow unpleasant smells and dust to float around and escape your waste processing facility.    

Why Choose Advanced Misting Systems?

There are several significant reasons why you should choose to work with us at Advanced Misting Systems for your mist cooling and odor and dust control needs. First, our team is composed of friendly misting experts who are familiar with dumps and the waste processing industry. So they can help identify the best option from our wide range of misting systems to help address your facility’s unique needs. However, this is not all we have to offer! 

Misting Kits Options

At Advanced Misting Systems, we keep numerous types of mist, fog, and evaporative cooling options in stock, including: 

High-Quality, American-Made Misting Kits 

When you choose to order from Advanced Misting Systems, you receive high-quality misting kits that are built to last. No matter which system you choose, all of our mist, fog, and evaporative cooling options are made with long-term durability and efficiency in mind. As a result, they can help cool and control dust and odors in your dump or waste processing facility for years to come!  

Each of these options can help cool areas and provide dust and odor control for dumps and waste processing. The system that will work best for your facility depends on your needs. For example, if you need something portable, an industrial misting trailer is likely the best option for you! Contact us today to speak to Mike Workman, our resident misting expert! He can help determine the misting system for dust and odor control that will address your facility’s unique requirements. 

Learn More About Misting Systems for Dumps & Waste Processing Today!

Misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems are an incredibly effective and efficient option for helping with odor and dust control at dumps and waste processing facilities in the United States. Our high-quality misting kits provide these facilities with greater humidity, which can help slow the spread of dust and odorous particles. In doing so, areas in your dump or waste processing plant can feel cooler and more comfortable while also being healthier and smelling better. 

Contact us today to speak to our expert Mike Workman! He can help identify the misting system you need to help control dust and odors!