Manufacturer Spotlight: Port-A-Cool – Portable Evaporating Cooling Units

One of our manufactures Port-A-Cool, LLC began production of evaporative cooling products and accessories in 1990 and quickly became a global industry leader in the cooling business. The company is headquartered in Center, Texas and is dedicated to both industrial and residential products. Established as the ideal way to cool industrial work areas as well as professional football players on the sideline, Port-A-Cool now ensures families are comfortable at home. Port-A-Cool, LLC is a trusted manufacturer of high-performance, yet economical evaporative cooling systems.

“Port-A-Cool, LLC, is excited to continue our collaboration with West Coast Customs,” Director of Marketing and Advertising, Leon Aldridge, said. “The world-renowned custom car shop is a natural fit for our portable units, which are cost- and energy-effective solutions to cooling areas such as garages or shops that are not conducive to air conditioning.”

The units provided by Port-A-Cool, LLC, will keep the WCC crew cool as they customize rides for celebrities such as and Justin Bieber on Inside West Coast Customs, Sundays at 8 p.m. on Discovery’s HD Theater and Fridays at 10 a.m. on Discovery Channel.

Whether an auto hobbyist, avid tailgater, or entertaining outdoors, Port-A-Cool portable evaporative coolers offer enjoyment on the days when the mercury soars. Port-A-Cool units are designed for portable spot cooling and can reduce temperatures by 30 degrees F using tap water. Various models are available to suit any budget and accommodate 500-4,000 square feet.