Misting Systems May Save Lives

file000785727750Our products have been used for years to help keep people and animals cool and comfortable on days where the heat seems like it’s just too much to bear, but while browsing the web recently I saw some people were using them for another cause altogether: Fire Safety.
Bruce McElmurray, writing for motherearthnews.com, was looking for a way to keep his deck safe in the event of a forest fire. The deck was wooden and thus very flammable, which meant that if an ember landed on it, there was a good chance it would ignite, possibly burning the rest of the house down with it. He had considered sprinkler systems to keep the deck moist in the event of a nearby forest fire, but was worried they would run his well dry after hours or days of continuous use.

It was then that he asked a forester for advice, and what the man said struck both Bruce and myself as an ingenious and low impact solution to the problem. Installing a mist system on the porch would keep the boards wet, while at the same time using much less water than the sprinklers: Bruce could easily keep them on for days if the need arose.
Initially, Bruce considered making his own system out of PVC pipes, but after some careful online research he decided he’d found another solution.

“I did an on line search for mist systems and also considered making my own system from PVC pipe. […]My internet search came up with a company named Advanced Misting Systems found at https://www.advancedmistingsystems.com,” writes Bruce. “I found low pressure systems that ran from $40.00 up to $120.00. My initial inclination was to make my own system from PVC pipe but when I found these systems already to set up and priced affordable it seemed easier to purchase a system in the spring time.”

Though fire prevention through misting systems is undoubtedly a good idea, it’s also important to remember that the systems we sell here at Advanced Misting are made for comfort and personal use, not as a method of fire prevention. If you intend to try to use Bruce’s idea, make sure you consult a fire professional, and have backup methods on hand in case any embers make it through the mist and ignite your deck.

Thanks again to Bruce McElmurray, both for an interesting idea, and for mentioning us in his article For more home tips from him and his wife, check out their website at www.brucecarolcabin.blogspot.com. If you have any questions about how our misting systems can improve your quality of life, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-549-5077.