Misting with Fans

facebook---profile-picWe would like to inform you how to utilize circulation fans with your high pressure mist to help evaporate and circulate, and ultimately COOL.

In parts of the country where it is quite humid, utilizing fans and mist together is almost a MUST!  Obviously, mist is simply putting H2O into the air.  But in order to be effective in these humid territories, you must use a fan to circulate the mist and help it evaporate in the air before it comes in contact with anything. If it does, it will likely create a wet surface.  By circulating the mist, it evaporates, creates cool air, which is then circulated throughout the intended areas. Thus creating a much more comfortable environment all together.  Please call contact us for more information on this and other unique tips to create the most comfortable outdoor experience possible! 800-549-5077

High Pressure Misting