Summer Is Just Around The Corner, Stay Cool

Well America, with summer coming right up we have be prepared! At Advanced Misting Systems, we’re here to help you get prepared for this hot summer! During the next few weeks we’ll be posting up some informational posts to help prepare you for summer!

Misting Fans
Our recommendation for a misting fan is the TIP Self-Contained Misting Fan. The TPI self-contained misting unit is ideal for shop and garage jobs where convenience doesn’t come at the cost of cooling effectiveness. This Misting Fan is very great to use at home on the patio and even garages! It is powered on a single-speed, single-phase 120V motor that is totally enclosed and permanently lubricated, features a toggle switch to run in both fan and mist mode, comes with 130 PSI pump that atomizes water to a superfine mist, and has a GFCI plug for optimal safety. See more about the TPI Self-Contained Misting Fan…