The Fantom a Indoor/Outdoor Misting Fan from Lava Aire Italia

Lava Aire Italia and Advanced Misting Systems are proud to present

Fantom the revolutionary new concept for indoor and outdoor cooling. This indoor and outdoor misting fan can reduce ambient temperatures by a whopping 30 percent. It uses 20” or 24” blades that spin up to 1,200 RPM; which is shown on an electronic display.

The tank is easy to fill and use, and holds enough water to cool the surrounding area for a few hours; you may even use scented oil and pour it into the water tank for scented mist. A garden hose may be attached to allow nonstop cooling. Compared to its competitors, who clock at 1 KW/hr, the Fantom only uses 0.05 KW/hr of electricity. Using Ultrasonic Water Atomization Devices for faster refrigeration speed.

The Fantom has five rotating wheels at the bottom to allow mobility, large controls on the side of the unit allow for easy operation. While Air Conditioners may only work indoors, the Fantom lowers temperatures of both indoors and outdoors up to 30 degrees. Built with a solid plastic base and metal components the Fantom comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Beat the heat with the Fantom from Lava Air Italia and Advanced Misting Systems!