Advanced Misting Systems Adds Installation & Repair Services

Advanced Misting Systems is expanding their expertise in the outdoor cooling industry with misting system installation and repair services. We are licensed in the state of California as a general contractor and have been in the misting industry for more than 22 years.

Now as you shop around on and buy brands like Port-a-Cool, Cool Draft, Schaefer, and others, you are buying peace of mind. You are buying from a company that is willing to do more than just sell you a cooling product. We will be there to assist you with misting system installation and routine maintenance.

Over time, your misting system lines will need repairs for nozzle heads, water pumps, and other patio mister components. This is a common occurrence because they are exposed to the elements, can experience lime scale build-up in the water lines, or have pump motor issues with continuous use. Any product that is frequently used or is in an outdoor setting will need routine maintenance and part replacement.

We have a comprehensive parts and service center in Chino, California, where we can repair your existing mist system. We can procure pretty much every misting part in the industry to keep your mist fan or system working just like new. As part of our dedication to making sure you have the best return on your cooling system investment, ask us about our custom cooling solutions. We can manufacture high pressure misting fans that are just right for your business’ needs.

We do build mobile misting trailers in-house for cooling rehab uses. These mist trailers are commonly used by the military, fire departments and for large events like concerts and state fairs. Because we manufacture these distinctive cooling products, you can count on us to be there for any repairs on-site. It is our promise to keep you cool.

Stop shopping around because Advanced Misting Systems offers free quotes right at your location. Our consultations include layout planning of your outdoor cooling mist system or fan misting systems, product selection, and industry advice you can’t get anywhere else. When you need misting system installation or repairs, give us a shout online or call: 760-779-1352.