Animal and Livestock Cooling Systems

If you are looking for a way to cool your livestock, horses, fowl or dog kennels to beat the summer heat and see cooling temperatures of upwards of 30 degrees; give us a call. Our team here at Advanced Misting Systems are absolute pros at cooling horse barns, dog kennels, poultry and dairy farms.


Specifically for preventing heat related bird die off; protect your poultry stock while keeping the animals cool and comfortable. We have built several staging and storage areas for shipping to reduce heat related bird kill during transportation.


Our team recently custom designed and sold a complete outdoor cooling system to BASS PRO SHOPS for their outdoor bird and wildlife facility. Implementing this animal cooling system gained a reduction in temperatures of 25 degrees. With the birds and wildlife on their property being kept cooler their facility has peace of mind knowing that their birds are better able to withstand the summer heat. And the birds love it!


We have worked with various clients in designing and installing horse barn cooling systems.

Here we are featuring one of our clients in SoCal that was having difficulty cooling their horse stables. For this particular set up we helped them identify trouble spots in air flow and circulation. For this horse barn cooling system the client went with a high pressure misting system for over the breezeway and in the horse stalls, with the addition of misting fans it allowed the ability and control they needed to maximize the cooling effect! Once the horse barn cooling system was in place they saw such a profound cooling effect that they quickly expanded their area of coverage by ordering additional misting fans. These horses are happy with their horse stalls kitted out with a complete cooling system!

Barn Cooling System


If you are looking to build a cooling system for your farm, kennels or sanctuary check out our DIY misting kits. These kits have everything you need to complete your build to cool your space. Add in misting fans to further optimize the cooling effect for your animals or pets!

Ask us about our DIY misting fan kits that work best in high humidity areas!


Advanced Misting Systems has been in the cooling business since 1995 under the same ownership. Mike is the owner and our resident outdoor cooling systems expert. He is very much hands on and he has a passion for maximizing and optimizing your cooling effect you can gain with our outdoor livestock misting systems for your space. You will find that he is involved in every aspect of our business. He can be found answering questions directly or even designing the more complex cooling systems needed for those hard to cool outdoor spaces.

Here at Advanced Misting Systems our whole team is dedicated to making the world a better place one cooling system at a time! We love what we do and we are ready to help you with your custom cooling system needs. So regardless if you are DIYer or you are wanting us to custom configure an outdoor cooling system for your barn, paddock, fowl, wildlife sanctuary, dog kennel or dairy farm give us a call on 760-779-1352!