Fire Rehab Cooling System

Our fire rehab cooling systems offer a respite from the heat for first responders

Our fire rehab cooling systems provide a cool zone in which firefighters can cool off and rejuvenate after battling the incredibly hot conditions that are a part of their job. Advanced Misting Systems is home to a variety of safety coolers and explosion proof mist fans that are built exclusively for use by firefighters and first responders. We offer a number of evaporative cooling options in this regard, and our commercial cooling systems include models form the industry’s leading manufacturers. The work firefighters do on our behalf is incredible, and the conditions in which they ply their trade are unrelenting. The ability to provide rehab trailers that are versatile and affordable is something that means a great deal to us. We invite you to take a look through our online inventory today. We think you’ll be happy with you’ll find. Let us help you take the very bet care of the firefighters in your charge.

Each and every day, firefighters across the country walk into dangerous conditions in which life threatening flames and overwhelming heat are ever-present. Our line of safety coolers allows these brave men and women a respite from the incredibly tough conditions they endure. The ability to cool down in such instances is invaluable on both a health and professional level.

  • We offer a variety of fire rehab cooling systems from leading manufacturers such as Cool Zone and more
  • Our evaporative cooling options include explosion proof mist fans
  • Our cooling systems for firefighters are easily transportable
  • Choose from systems in a variety of sizes

We think you’ll find shopping and ordering easy at We are the largest provider of cooling systems online today, and we strive to make the very best equipment available to you at more than affordable pricing. We know that you want to protect the brave first responders under your watch, and we’d like to help you to do just that.

If you aren’t currently employing fire rehab cooling systems, or if you are simply looking for an upgrade to your existing systems, you’ll find plenty to like at We are always here to take your call, and invite you to reach out to us at (760) 779-1352 should you have any questions regarding our products, ordering, shipping, etc. Working together, we can help to provide firefighters with the relief from the heat they need and so richly deserve.

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