Misting Systems

From patio cooling to poolside cooling, we can help with your outdoor cooling needs. Our outdoor misting systems work wonders in providing gentle relief in warm weather. Using an evaporative cooling system, patio misting systems produce a fine mist of water that cools and refreshes. Evaporative cooling also helps clean the air of harmful pollutants, increasing breathability. Plus, patio misting systems are simple to install, easy to maintain and kind to your budget.

With all these benefits, our outdoor misting systems work well for a variety of outdoor cooling purposes, including:

  • Patio cooling
  • Poolside cooling
  • Animal/barn cooling
  • Backyard cooling
  • Walkway cooling

Whether you’ll looking for a simple, self-contained power mister for your backyard or an elaborate evaporative cooling system for your business, Advanced Misting Systems has a variety of outdoor misting systems for sale to fit your outdoor cooling needs. We offer the top brands in patio misting systems, including:

  • Aero Mist
  • Aqua Breeze
  • Aquality
  • TPI
  • J&D Mfg.
  • KoolFog
  • Cool Draft Blue
  • Mobile One

A small spray of water can help lower temperatures of your backyard, sidewalk or barn by as much as 35 degrees. If you’re looking for an outdoor cooling system, contact us to find out how one of our many high-quality patio misting systems for sale can serve your patio cooling needs.

Our misting system, misting fan / cooling fan, and evaporative cooler / swamp cooler can be useful as a cooling system for the following:

  • Backyard Misting Systems
  • Patio Misting System
  • Portable Cooling Fan
  • Barn Cooling
  • Horse Cooling