Helping Your Business Conserve Water with Misting Systems

Even as states like California implement strict water consumption restrictions due to drought, misting systems get a pass. Currently, there are no restrictions in place against residential or commercial misting systems, and for good reason. Not only do these cooling systems provide relief to stadium attendees, livestock businesses, outdoor shopping venues, and even patio diners at your local restaurant or bar, but they do so while conserving water.

DSC_5235 resizedWhile it seems counterintuitive that a system designed to spray water is a water-efficient source of cooling, misting systems or fans differ from gardening hoses due to the amount of pressure required to function.  The high water pressure moves droplets of water through the nozzles, rather than allowing a stream of water to escape. The typical misting line kit uses much less water to cool an entire outdoor event than the typical homeowner uses to water their lawn.

Some of the cooling solutions from Advanced Misting Systems even recycle water, allowing business and homeowners to keep their guests cool while conserving water. It is estimated that a cloud of mist or a portable evaporative cooler can actually reduce the temperature by 10 to 30 degrees, depending on the cooling system type and size, and is a great defense against heat stress.

If businesses still want to cut down on water usage with misting systems or evaporative coolers, they have options.

  • Only turn on patio cooling when requested, or in high temperatures
  • For most effective usage, use misting systems when dew points are low
  • Plug every fourth nozzle to reduce usage by 25 percent

save our water 2Other water conservative options businesses can implement include:

  • Installing low-flow toilets and faucets
  • Washing dishes or linen only when full loads are ready
  • Installing water-smart foliage for landscaping alternatives, such as succulents, Deer Grass, Coral Bells or Douglas Iris. Artificial grass is another option.
  • Addressing and fixing any leaks immediately
  • Maintaining faucets with updated washers and toilets with new flappers to avoid any unnecessary leaks

There are ways to be water-smart no matter where you live. Don’t wait until your company is forced to comply with diligent water conservation due to extreme drought.

Advanced Systems is based out of Palm Desert, CA and offers many cooling solutions to commercial businesses nationwide. Our misting trailers help firefighters and those in basic training stay cool, while our misting lines are ideal for shopping centers and restaurant patios. No matter your commercial cooling needs, we can help. Ask our experienced representatives how your business can benefit from our products today by calling 1.800.549.5077, or buy online at!

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