Negative effects heat has on horses!

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 Evaporative cooling in agricultural applications:

  • Cool animals and stables for cents a day
  • Cool feeding areas, barns, stables, production areas and more for a fraction of traditional cooling costs.
  • Create tunnel ventilation to cool barns and enclosed areas.
  • Operates on tap water and 220v of electricity.
  • Environmentally-friendly, emits no harmful fluorocarbons. 36” High Performance unit features quiet operation and cools about 246m2.
  • 48” model cools approximately 325m2. Utilize outside facilities during hot summer months without jeopardizing animal health.

Increase milk production in cows by cooling holding pens and exit lanes*.
Evaporative cooling is the only commercially available cooling that actually decreases the actual THI (temperature-humidity index)**
* According to studies reported by Dept. of Animal Sciences, Kansas State Univ.
** Journal of Dairy Science, 86. Reported 2003