The Importance of Maintaining Your Cooling Systems

shutterstock_36446311Regardless if you own an air conditioning unit, evaporative cooler or a misting system, it is critical to regularly clean and maintain all of your cooling systems.  There are many reasons why you would want to properly maintenance your cooling systems ranging from safety to costs. Below are some benefits that you will reap from preventative maintenance to your cooling systems.

Save Money
At one point in our lives we have all heard the phrase, “If it doesn’t make dollars, then it doesn’t make sense.” While regularly maintaining your cooling systems will not necessarily make you income, it will save you plenty of dollars which should make sense for anyone. Problems with misting systems, air conditioning units and evaporative coolers usually occur because regular checks and simple maintenance on these systems was not performed, which can eventually lead to bigger problems and financial hardship for an owner.

Maintenance Leads to Optimum Performance
Not only does performing regular maintenance on your cooling system save you money, it will also improve the system’s performance and extend its life.

With misting systems, you can perform simple maintenance tasks yourself, such as cleaning nozzles, checking for leaks, and cleaning the water filters. A system that is checked regularly and maintained properly will allow the system to work to its best capability.

For those with air conditioning units, simply replacing the filter as often as once a month and cleaning the outside will allow your unit to constantly blow cool air and could prevent it from failing, especially in extreme summer temperatures.

If your home has an evaporative cooler, checking the condition of the cooling pads and ensuring they are clean will allow your evaporative cooler to operate more efficiently.

Improved Health
Since most cooling devices produce water mist, an improperly maintained system can lead to health issues such as colds, respiratory infections or diseases. Filthy systems can cause bacteria to spread throughout your environment. Legionella is a type of bacteria that can build in cooling systems and can cause Legionnaires’ disease.  Dirty filters in air conditioning systems can also be hazardous to your health. They cause the air in your building to become polluted with unwanted airborne particles which you inhale as your system runs.

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