The truth about misting systems in our water drought.

As of recent, the Coachella Valley Water District and other local water agencies are trying to enforce the reduction of water usage, asking us to cut back in many different ways.  They are not, however, concerned about High Pressure Misting Systems. This is due to the fact that Misting Systems use far less water then people may think.
Advanced Misting Systems of Palm Desert has been leading the High Pressure Misting systems  for over 20 years.
High pressure systems can cool a patio up to 20°. The water droplets used are smaller than the size of human hairs, which is why they evaporate so quickly, making the air cool, this is called flash evaporation.
Most restaurants in Palm Springs, say that during hot summer months, they rely on misting systems to cool down patios/outside areas. Misting systems can help attract business to their otherwise empty hot patios.
Most will agree, that not only do the Misting systems cool the patios, but in general, they help increase and sustain the economy of Palm Springs and surrounding cities by bringing in more business. Restaurants and Homeowners alike, should not hesitate to call Advanced Misting Systems or Patio Everything to find out more or if they have any questions.
It’s hot out here in the Coachella valley and we need to keep cool.