Using Mist for Dust and Odor Suppression

Recycling plants, wood working plants, sewage treatment plants, agricultural plants, and many others all have one main problem in common.  Dust and/or Odor!

blog1In some counties, it is required by law to have some sort of System in place to fight against or suppress the dust and/or odor.  We at Advanced Misting Systems have been treating these problems for over 20 years.

When dust and odor become airborne it is hard to control where it goes and how long it will linger around.  By the use of High Pressure Misting systems, Advanced Systems can capture the particles with moisture, which stops the odor and drops it to the ground, thus fixing the problem.

Stainless steel misting lines with brass anti-drip nozzles are mounted to the ceiling structure of the facility and connected to a 1000 psi direct drive or pulley driven mist pump.  If odor is the only problem, then misting fans can be utilized instead of the stainless mist lines.

blog2Oscillating Mist fans are a good way to disperse the mist throughout the facility.  Some elaborate systems could even utilize a chemical injection system to involve an “odor eating” chemical into the mixture.

Designing the Mist system is very simple.  Just an overall measurement of the area to be Misted and Advanced Systems can create a plan of action in no time. Contact Us to help design a system to remediate dust and odor in your facility.