Who Consumes the Most Water in California?

Many people throughout the nation remain cool during the summer by swimming or enjoying the sprinklers; however in California, strict drought conditions leave many residents to consider alternative cooling methods that use less water. As a result, many homeowners are ditching sprinkler systems and chlorinated pools and taking cues from the fire departments, military branches and restaurants that use misting systems and fans to keep cool and conserve water.

Patio Misting System - AMSHow are misting systems more drought-friendly than other options? 

Consuming less than six gallons of water hourly, misters can be accompanied by circulation fans for faster cooling relief. Because the days are longer, hotter and more humid in the summer, it is difficult for the skin to “breathe,” as it cannot evaporate moisture in the air. Misting fans, however, use circulation to help disperse fine droplets of water throughout a larger space, and the airflow helps control the humidity to allow you to experience comfort without using an expensive conventional air conditioning system. It’s key, however, to make sure your misting fan or system is set up properly to be the most effective for your area’s humidity.

Some misting systems can actually use recycled water, making it easier than ever to stay cool while conserving water. While recent reports show that more residents are being smarter with water conservation, there is still a long way to go to conserve more water as a whole.

The question remains – who is really using all the water supply?

Production plants, specifically those that produce protein, dairy and eggs, are heavy consumers of water in the state of California. According to a recent survey by Loch Ness (see infographic below), the production of a single pound of beef requires nearly 2,000 gallons of water. It takes 700 gallons of water to produce a cotton shirt, while eggs and dairy production require 50-65 gallons of water per single unit or gallon.

California’s is home to 38.8 million people, most of whom consume many of these products daily. It is difficult to fathom the high cost of water consumption for the state of California, much more the entire nation. Most of the items produced in manufacturing plants are necessities, so finding new ways to conserve water in these plants is an ever-important task. However, there are many great options available for factory owners to reduce water waste. Water conservation measures such as low flow faucets and toilets, as well as misting fans, are great ways to start.

If you or your business want to make an eco-friendly impact with any of the plumbing options such as water conservative toilets or faucets, check out your local home improvement store. Get in touch with your California misting system distributor for great cooling relief for outdoor patios and more!

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Loch Ness - How Much Water to Produce