A Cloud of Mist on the Horizon

marathon.runnersYou’ve spent months preparing your body for this trek, and the halfway mark was a few steps ago. Fans are cheering for you to keep going. Upon nearing the finish line, you see the most beautiful, amazing sight – a cloud of refreshing, cooling mist. What a perfect way to finish the race!

Whether you are a participant or an event coordinator, did you know there are 20 tentative marathons from mid-April to early June in California alone? One website records up to 185 marathons nationwide during that same period [1]! As the weather warms up, these marathons can be dangerous to participants and onlookers. Renting commercial misting equipment for the finish line can provide adequate relief for everyone involved.

If you have ever experienced a cloud of mist before, you know how it immediately cools you down without making you feel like you’ve been caught in a sudden torrential downpour. For those who like to keep active, such as marathon winners who love a challenge, submersion in extremely cold water can be a highly dangerous cooling action for the body to experience. Since our bodies take time to heat up, they also need time to cool down. When a cooling temperature surrounds your body, the atmosphere gradually allows the body to cool down in a more comforting manner.

One of the top benefits of using Advanced Misting Systems’ equipment is the energy savings; it’s much smarter to utilize technology that uses up less energy than a standard air conditioner. Instead of taking hot air and trying to cool it down before dispersing it, our fans and coolers use water, fans and limited electricity. Imagine how high the costs would be if you attempted to use an oversized outdoor air conditioning unit during a marathon scenario!

renting-portable-cooling-units-300x127Whether it is a large misting fan or a commercial grade evaporative cooler, the machinery breaks down flowing water into super fine droplets through the use of nozzles. These nozzles, along with circular fans, disperse the moist “air” throughout the designated space. When a breeze pushes dry air, it heats up and becomes a blast of hot air. When a breeze distributes humid air, it instantly feels cooler.

What other outdoor sporting events can benefit from our equipment?

The possibilities are endless! No matter your surroundings, whether the event is a marathon, youth camp, soccer practice, lacrosse, volleyball, football, baseball, softball, track, skateboarding or motocross, someone at those events will always appreciate a refreshing cloud of cooling mist. Please contact our sale representatives for rental or purchase options.

Advanced Misting Systems is one of the nation’s leading commercial grade misting and evaporative cooler system distributors. Our associates can assist you with any questions regarding cooling set-ups, and even do-it-yourself applications. Visit our website to learn more today!

[1] “Mapshot: Upcoming Marathons.” 2014. Running in the USA. Retrieved April 7, 2014 from http://www.runningintheusa.com/Race/MapShot.aspx?Rank=Upcoming&Special=marathon&Region=&Page=1.

Misting Away Hot Weather