Did You Know of These Alternative Cooling Options?

As the hottest part of the year arrives, many businesses are changing their operations to ensure their workers’ safety and well-being. Consider how misting systems can help to prevent overheating as well as other serious dangers that hot weather can create. Some industries carry products that need to be stored within certain temperature ranges to prevent spoilage, such as the food and beverage industry. Either way, cooling through the use of continuous air conditioning comes with a hefty price tag.

utility.billLast year’s heat wave affected many homes and businesses throughout the nation. The weather this summer could force many businesses to change how they operate to cut additional costs and help offset the higher price tag in relation to cooling. Cooling bills can significantly reduce profits and household income, but this does not have to be the case!

There are numerous companies that supply different misting system kits, heavy-duty circulation fans and evaporative coolers. These are all effective alternatives to assist or replace standard air conditioning systems. Air conditioners typically work by cooling down existing air or outside air to a set temperature via the use of cooling coils and a condenser. These efforts take more energy and effort to cool down the air because it is consistently pushing hot air through the machine.

Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, use a heavy-duty circulation fan and water to distribute moisture in small quantities that cool down a location. There are also settings where it can take existing air to push through, but it still does not have to work nearly as hard as an air conditioner circulating 90- to 110-degree air through its intake to produce the desired temperature.

untitled2Misting systems, as we have explained before, push water through small nozzles at a designated pressure to make tiny small droplets. When you combine those fine droplets with a mechanical fan, it causes the temperature in the confined area to drop significantly.

Take a moment to think of the many industries that could benefit from these alternative cooling methods. Perhaps it is your local mechanic or tire shop. Some already may feature large industrial fans or misting systems that cool down the area as employees go about their everyday duties.

Perhaps you support local farmers and have noticed that the most delicate crops grow in greenhouses. These agricultural businesses benefit from exhaust fans and intricate watering and cooling systems that help to maintain each plant’s necessary temperature. Livestock businesses are another industry that require some form of fan system within vinyl ducting to cool down the animals and suppress odors.

Whether you work in a skyscraper corporation or as an industrial yard worker, your business (and home!) will always benefit from alternative cooling methods during the scorching summer months. Please contact Advanced Misting Systems, a cooling fan company, today!