Five More Ways to Cool Off Fast!

Palm Springs and its nearby areas often break weather records with our soaring temperatures. All across the nation, everyone is desperate to find effective ways to cool off. A couple of weeks ago, Advanced Misting Systems, a Palm Desert-based cooling systems company recommended five tips to combat high heat, and we are continuing this list today with five more suggestions.

1. Consume Cooler Foods and Drinks

fruit.saladAvoid warm beverages, soups and oven-made foods, because when you consume these, it warms you up internally and can make it more time-consuming for you to cool down. Fresh fruit is plentiful during the summer, with most containing a higher water content to keep you feeling hydrated!

2. Wear Looser and Lighter Fabrics

workoutclothesThick fabrics can block your skin’s ability to breathe. Clothes that are not skin-tight promote airiness and breathability when a breeze is present. When it is scorching outside, always try to avoid wearing dark colors, since darker colors absorb the sun’s rays much quicker.

3. Don’t Forget the Shades

window.shadesA sun visor can help to cool down your car’s interior. Some drivers and passengers even opt to crack a window to help let out hot air in a vehicle. Bonus suggestion: When driving, select the air conditioning option that recycles the vehicle’s interior air. This helps cool down the vehicle faster because the inside air will be cooler as you drive. The other air conditioning option has your vehicle pushing outside air through the vehicle’s vents to the air conditioner’s coils for cooling.

4. Fans are your Friend

shutterstock_15210694Circulation fans, also known as ceiling fans, are a great way to cool down a location, although you will mostly feel the benefits when you are stationary. The majority of bedrooms and living rooms hugely benefit from circulation fans all year long but especially during the summer months.

5. Plan a Trip Out of Town

travelSometimes cooling down means going somewhere altogether cooler! If budget is not an issue, travel to a higher altitude where temperatures can be between 10 to 30 degrees cooler in most climates. Another option is to travel to a body of water such as the ocean or lake; perhaps a nearby hotel boasting water recreational activities for family fun is more appealing. All of these options can help create a family-friendly outing with cooling benefits.

Hoping you are feeling chillier, because that completes the nine distinct cooling options from your favorite online retailer of outdoor cooling products. We invite you to view our other great products and applications!