How Misting Systems and Misting Fans Benefit Your Livestock Business

Your livestock business is very important to you. You have worked hard to establish a client base that uses you as a source for livestock product, whether those are the animals themselves or the items they produce, such as milk or eggs. So when there are products out there that both benefit you and your business, you need them to continue your business’ success and continuity.
Mike Workman, founder of Advanced Misting Systems, wants you to know why your livestock business need portable misting fans and other misting equipment.

Reason #1

Flies HATE water, or more specifically: mist. You more than likely already use fly masks and other deterrent products to protect your livestock from excessive flies that get into their eyes, mouths or noses. Misting fans help distribute a fine mist across a designated area such as a stable to help protect your livestock from these horrible pests!


Reason #2

If you often have visitors coming onsite to your business, they may be discouraged from doing business with you if there is an overwhelming animal smell. Misting systems help control odor by entrapping the airborne odor particles with moisture droplets and, by use of gravity, dropping them to the ground. In doing so, the odor is transformed or lost in the dirt so it does not produce and overpowering stench.

Depending on severity of the problem, you also have the option of choosing misting systems or fans that allow for a chemical injection specially designed to “eat the odor” as it is dispersed into the air.

Reason #3

It is quite rare to find a completely indoor livestock facility, so obviously dust is most likely a major problem with your business. Consider installing stainless steel misting lines all along the outer perimeter of your building to control dust prior to entering the building. This is also an energy-efficient option for cooling because the temperature drastically drops within a cloud of mist, so you can expect to save money on water and A/C!

For more technical specifications of how our products can help your business, feel free to reach us online!

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