How to Keep Horses and Livestock Comfortable in Summer Months

salt block - - ShutterstockKeeping your horse or livestock cool and comfortable during the summer is absolutely vital. When high ambient temperatures and humidity combine, body heat may accumulate faster than your horse can get rid of it. Barns and stables are typically enclosed to provide shelter for horses, but enclosed spaces without proper ventilation equipment can cause serious problems.

Horses are built to endure high temperatures and humidity levels, but, like humans, can easily fall prey to heat exhaustion if adequate temperature regulation is not provided. During a hot day, it is not uncommon to see horses sweating even if their physical activity was limited to grazing. Sweating allows the horse to regulate its temperature, but you will need to make sure the barn or stable has proper ventilation and take care to follow the practices below to care for your animals in the summer:

  • Provide salt blocks to restore electrolytes lost during sweating
  • Keep cool fresh water nearby; automatic water systems tend to be chlorinated and negatively activate bacteria in the horse stomachs
  • Provide high-water content foods such as watermelons or apples. Great greens include kelp, blue-green algae or dandelion greens/roots.
  • Install livestock-specific ventilation products in barns and stables—this includes circulation fans, misting systems or exhaust systems
  • Do not bathe horses in ice-cold water. Keep water room-temperature to cool, and if your horses do not sweat well, try mixing a liniment with the water baths to help clear out pores for improved sweat function.

Dust and odor control is another concern for those operating agricultural or livestock operations. Dry, dusty conditions can often make it hard to breathe in stables or milking stations. Misting fans or wall-mounted misting systems with high pressure nozzles can help trap airborne dust, cooling down the area, suppressing airborne odors, and making it easier to breathe. Because water evaporates so quickly, a misting system will not cause the area to become damp.

Aren’t Water-Based Products Expensive or Discouraged for Drought Conditions?

The most impressive function for industrial misting systems or fans is the high pressure functionality. Because small amounts of water are pushed through nozzles with up to 1,500-PSI high pressure, the water gets broken down to smaller molecular amounts and is more effective at suppressing dust, odors and cooling down a space than pricier options on the market. Because you can use tap water for misting fans, there is no need to spend more on expensive filtered water.

California is a drought-conscious state with bans on lawn watering and other wasteful water operations. However, due to their environmentally-friendly applications, misting systems are not part of that ban.

There are solutions for you to consider for your agricultural business. Talk with a misting system representative for options for your space!

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